How To Win On NetEnt Casino Slots Online

Smart Ways To Win On NetEnt Casino Slots Online

If you’re willing to explore the legendary NetEnt slots, you need to find an online casino that offers software products manufactured by this brand. In this post, we’ll unravel a few secrets on how to boost your gambling performance on NetEnt slots. You’re about to learn quite a few interesting things, so tune in!  

Size Of Your Bankroll And Bets

If your bankroll covers fewer than 100 bets, your winning chances reduce significantly. This doesn’t mean that a small deposit kills your winning chances. Not at all! Nonetheless, your chances to make good profits will be somewhat limited.   

Why is the size of your bankroll so important? Some gamblers say that a casino tracks stats on each player’s bankroll and wagers. Based on this information, a casino is either increasing, or reducing your winning chances. For example, if you’re running out of money, your wins are becoming less frequent. However, this is just one of numerous theories that has no proof in real life. More likely, a modest bankroll is simply more sensitive to losses. 

Wagering Requirements

To accept a bonus on your first deposit, you simply need to make one click. However, when it comes to releasing the bonus, things become tricky. Go to the casino site and read the wagering requirements attached to the bonus in question. Pay special attention to how the wagering requirements are fulfilled on slots from NetEnt and other major software manufacturers. If you choose to meet your wagering requirements on slots, you may face some extra limitations. For example, in some casinos, only 50% of each wager on slots is counted towards your wagering requirements.    

Some gamblers have noticed a curious thing. Once you’ve released 70-80% of your bonus, your wagers start to lose. This article is not the right place to speculate on possible reasons behind this odd tendency. Anyway, monitoring your current financial situation won’t hurt. Don’t allow your bankroll to hit a low point. Otherwise, you risk not completing your wagering requirements in full. 

Demo Mode

All NetEnt slots are available in demo mode. The demo mode allows gamblers to get the hang of a slot by making free bets. This way, a gambler gets the opportunity to enjoy the game in peace without putting their money at risk. The odd thing is that many gamblers ignore the demo mode, going straight for real-money gambling.  

While all NetEnt slots have their unparalleled charm and unique characteristics, it doesn’t mean you’re going to like every single one of them. This is where the demo mode comes in. Before spending your money on an unknown slot, it’s only sensible to test its demo version.  

Payout Rate

Most slots have a 97-98% RTP. This means that in average, a gambler loses 2 to 3% of each bet. The longer a gambler plays, the closer the actual RTP gets to its theoretical value, i.e. the value specified in the slot description. 

If you’ve been lucky to find a casino with new NetEnt slots and mild wagering requirements, you can count on an advantage over the casino. With “humane” wagering requirements, you have all chances to get a 1-1.5% edge over the house. This doesn’t look much on first sight, but at least you’ll reach a break-even point.  In the long run, you can even earn some good profits. The only problem is that the absolute majority of online casinos have really tough wagering requirements. 

Mobile Games

Casino software manufacturers promote mobile gambling by providing mobile users with juicy perks and advantages. This is why mobile slots from NetEnt tend to be more profitable compared to their regular web versions. So if you’re hunting the maximum winning chances, be sure to play NetEnt slots on your smartphone!