How To Win On NYX Casino Slots Online

Ways Of Winning On NYX Casino Slots Online

High-quality slots are produced not only by big-name brands, but also by small yet professional studios. In this post, we’ll talk about gambling apps manufactured by the NYX brand. The software developer has more than 100 titles under its belt and counting. Let’s find out what separates NYX slots from other apps and what winnings you can count on.   

How To Play NYX Slots

Most of the time, slots produced by the same company tend to share similar technical characteristics, such as cycles length and dispersion.  This rule, however, doesn’t apply to NYX slot machines. It seems like the studio deliberately chose to create gaming apps with unpredictable outcomes. 

In NYX slots, you never know what you’re going to get. A game may have a very short or very long cycle.  As a result, your winnings change from slot to slot. For example, the incredibly popular Superman and Batman slots are known for their frequent payouts and low dispersion. These games have a short cycle, meaning that you can achieve pretty good payouts in short times.   

The 300 Shields slot, on the contrary, provides players with large yet infrequent payouts. You may spend months playing this slot until you hit a juicy payout. During that time, you need to keep your bankroll at a high level, i.e. it must suffice for 100 bets and more.  

The NYX software is tracking the size of a player’s bankroll. However, it’s not known whether the company is using this information to adjust the length of a cycle. In some games, such adjustments are notable, while other apps games maintain the same frequency of winnings.

Smart Tips For Gamblers

Considering the unpredictable nature of NYX slots, you need to heed the following factors:

  • Dispersion, RTP, and cycle length. You can learn the payout rate and dispersion on the NYX official site. Information on the cycle is not readily available. To estimate the length of a cycle, you need to play a slot in demo mode for some time.  
  • Stick with medium-size bets. This is the best choice for long-cycle slots. If you make large bets, you risk depleting your bankroll too soon. When it comes to NYX games, the best strategy is to avoid risky bets until you find out what cycle and dispersion your slot has.  
  • Try not to change your bet during the first 50-100 spins. Some of the NYX titles are sensitive to changing bets. By changing the size of your bet, you may involuntarily make the cycle longer. In slots by other manufacturers, making bets of different sizes has the opposite effect, urging a slot to start a new cycle. 
  • New releases by NYX, such as Psycho, Cash Stampede, and Spin Sorceress, tend to have high dispersion.
  • Pro tip from consummate gamblers: after winning big on an NYX slot, it’s better to switch to slots produced by other brands.   
  • Older NYX titles tend to have a medium cycle and medium dispersion. You can recognize these slots through their unconventional arrangement of symbols on the reels. A good example is the popular Foxin series.