Useful Tips For Pokie Fans

How To Win More At Pokies

Although pokies are very simple games, they’re not as “innocent” as you might think. If you want to make some money on one-armed bandits, you must learn how to manage your bankroll. 

The Basics Of Money Management 

Many gamblers commit a severe error by thinking that they don’t need money management rules. But this is not true. pokies are a very unpredictable games. By making random bets, you risk blowing away all your budget before you have the opportunity to properly enjoy the game. Read on to find out how to avoid that. 

Regardless of the size of your bankroll, your goal is to make it last longer. And you can’t do that unless you know the fundamental rules of money management.  

Let’s start with the most important rule. Your average bet must not exceed 1/100 of your deposit. Every time your bankroll is growing or diminishing in size, you should adjust your bet size accordingly.  

Optimal Number Of Lines

On pokies, you can choose how many lines you want to activate for a spin. The more paylines you’re betting on, the bigger your total bet. To maximize your winning odds, you need to use all available paylines. However, betting on all available paylines can be costly. Not everyone can afford to wager on all lines. At the same time, using one or two lines may not be exciting enough. When determining the optimal number of paylines, consider the thickness of your wallet. 

Progressive Jackpots

Despite the optimism of jackpot hunters, your odds of hitting such a massive money prize as jackpot are very slim. We don’t want to give the exact number so as not to disappoint you.

Unless you have a weak spot for jackpots, you should better keep away from progressive pokies. Why so? First, they have higher betting limits than regular apps. Plus, they tend to have lower RTP rates, which is not a good thing for a player. 


Everyone knowns that bonuses can be very hard to release. However, this doesn’t mean that you should say “no” to money gifts provided to you by a gambling site. Bonuses are your good friends. They increase your winning odds and fortify your bankroll. 

Demo Mode 

Along with bonuses, demonstration mode is another casino perk that you shouldn’t ignore. With demo mode, you can play top-quality pokies without putting your deposit at risk. You can relax and let imagination take you away! This is a smart way to save your own money and spend them on real bets later.  

Secrets Of Popular Pokies 

A few decades ago, no one could foresee the tremendous popularity that pokies would have among gambling audiences around the world. Indeed, no other game can compare with one-armed bandits!

Since the beginning of the digital revolution, pokies have acquired even more fans. One of the best things about pokies is their variety. Nowadays, gambling sites offer gaming apps from multiple software providers. You can easily find the ones that meet your preferences. 

The top popular casino software brands are Novomatic, IgroSoft, Playtech, and a few others. These companies ensure the highest quality of graphics, sounds, and other technical parameters. Each of them has a stunning collection of pokie titles to a variety of themes, including famous movies, books, travel, etc. 

By the way, many pokies were developed in the early 2000s. But it would be unfair to call them outdated or uninteresting. They’re still exciting to play, especially if advanced apps overwhelm you with their features. As for the latest apps, they come with spectacular 3D effects, multi-level bonus games, increased multipliers, and other enhancements that make gamblers gasp with delight. 

Nowadays, online casinos offer a mixed collection of pokies released in different years. This is the best approach to building a pokie collection because it meets the needs of different categories of casino clients. While some gamblers stick to timeless classics, others prefer to explore cutting-edge solutions. 

If you’re a fan of classic pokies, you don’t need to worry that you might have to play the same apps over and over again. Gambling sites have no lack of beautiful classic pokies that will take your breath away!