Slots With Progressive Jackpots: What Makes Them So Popular?

Slots with progressive jackpots explained from A to Z

According to most gamblers, their most covered goal is to win a huge progressive jackpot. Well, you can easily see why! Progressive jackpots can reach several millions of dollars in size. 

At the same time, there is a variety of games with regular jackpots. Why gamblers keep choosing progressive jackpots over all other money prizes? Let’s crack the secret of progressive jackpots together!  

What Makes Progressive Jackpots So Popular Among Players

As it turns out, it’s all about the way a progressive jackpot is formed.  

The size of a regular jackpot doesn’t change and is known in advance. For example, if the prize pool is 1 million dollars, it stays the same no matter what. It’s also known what combination of symbols triggers the reward. Finally, a regular jackpot is paid by one online casino. 

Things are different with a progressive jackpot. The main difference is that it’s not limited in size. This is how it’s formed. There are thousands of slots linked into one network. A small part of each wager made on any of such slots goes to the shared pool. This way, a jackpot is growing as players are making new bets on the linked slots.  

Where To Find The Biggest Progressive Jackpots

The juiciest progressive slot networks are organized by major slot software developers, e.g.   Playtech. In this case, all casinos using the Playtech software have to participate in the shared pool.  

Imagine all slots by Playtech (or any other software brand) in the country linked into one system. A jackpot generated by such slots can easily reach sky-high amounts!   

The lucky combination that triggers the prize is not always known. It even can be a random string of symbols.  

Flaws Of Progressive Slots

Each coin has two sides to it. Despite multiple advantages, there is one small problem about progressive jackpots. Progressive slot machines have lower RTP compared their standalone rivals. This happens because a tiny percentage of each wager is automatically contributed to the prize pool.   

When playing a progressive slot, be sure to check what bets make you eligible for winning a progressive jackpot. Wagers that are too small may not count towards a jackpot, therefore eliminating your chances of hitting the prize. It would be a pity to spend a fortune on bets only to find out that the big prize was out of your reach all that time. 

Why Real-Money Slots Are The Favorite Game Of Millions 

If you conduct a survey among casino clients on their favorite gambling games, we’re pretty sure No.1 on the list will be slots. There is no other game that could compare with one-armed bandits!

What is the superpower that slots have? Why do gamblers keep choosing slots over other worthy games, such as poker, roulette, and others?

One of the main advantages slots have is a simple gameplay. As a player, all you need to do is to select the number of paylines, make a bet, and hit “Spin”. The rest lies in the hands of fate. Whether you win or lose doesn’t depend on your decisions or strategies. It’s the matter of luck.  

Simple Rules And Frequent Winnings Do The Trick

One-armed bandits are a perfect choice for those who are too lazy to master more complicated games, such as video poker or blackjack. Although slots don’t allow you to do anything to increase your winning chances, they return up to 98% of your wagers. It’s an unparalleled payout rate among casino games.

This brings us to another reason why slots are stealing the scene from other casino games.  As already mentioned, slots pay back almost 100% of all bets made on them. Why learn tricky rules and play other risky games when you can enjoy a shower of wins on slots? The majority of gamblers choose the way of lesser resistance. 

Frequent payouts are yet another reason why gamblers are crazy about one-armed bandits. It’s only natural that you want to win as often as possible. If you’re playing for hours and see no wins, you’ll end up losing interest for the game, however exciting it were. Slot machines are not like that. You hit a payout every few spins, if not more often. It doesn’t matter that payouts are mostly small. It’s still nice to win cash prizes.

Summing up, we can say that the success of slot machines relies on easy gameplay, high payout rates, and frequent wins. It’s all great but what about variety? One-armed bandits have no problems with that either!

Casinos offer hundreds of amazing slot titles by different software companies. Name any topic or theme, and we’ll fins a slot to match!

All this makes slot machines a flawless casino game. For millions of casino enthusiasts, it’s a dream come true. While some gamblers complain about a monotonous gameplay, others – on the contrary –  like to watch the hypnotizing spinning of the reels.