Slots 101 For Rookies

Free And Real-Money Slots For Beginners

Slots attracts beginners with their high multipliers and frequent payouts. Indeed, no other casino game can beat slots in terms of generosity. But it is really so? Are slots as profitable for a player as online casinos portray them? Let’s try to find out. 

Payout Rate

RTP, or payout rate, is one of the key metrics of any one-armed bandit. Interestingly enough, online casinos are unwilling to reveal RTP value for every gaming app. Instead, they tend to publish the average value for all slot games they have. While it’s not the best option, it’s still better than nothing, right?

Be knowing a slot’s RTP, you can understand how much money it pays back to players. On some slots, RTP can reach a jaw-dropping 98%. You shouldn’t discard games with a 95-96% RTP, though. They pay pretty good as well. 

Beyond that, RTP also indicates how often an app generates winning combos and pays out money. Naturally, gamblers look for choose games with frequent payouts. 

Keep in mind that RTP is an average value. During your play session, your total payouts might be slightly higher or lower than the RTP. However, if you play for a really long time, you’ll start noticing that your winnings percentage is approaching the actual RTP.   

Payout Rates

Real-money slots boast incredibly high multipliers. Don’t let sky-high values fool you, though. One-armed bandits with high multipliers (x8,000 and higher) tend to generate winning combos less frequently than you’d want them to. Plus, multipliers for minor combinations leave much to be desired. Playing a game like that can be disappointing, to say the least, so consider yourself warned!

The ideal scenario is when a game has medium-size multipliers that go don’t beyond x5000. Slots of this type generate winning combos more often than the type we’ve addressed earlier. You have decent good odds of landing a high-paying string of symbols. Minor combinations come with decent multipliers too.  

Did you know that 3-reel slots tend to have less generous multipliers? This is because landing a 3-symbol combo is much easier than landing a 5-symbol one.  Despite the lack of bonus symbols and special features, 3-reel apps offer better winning odds. However, 5-reel slots are easier to find on gambling sites because they are considered to be more beneficial for casinos.    

Extra Functions

Software developers pack slot apps with advanced features, unique opportunities, and extra options. Here are just a few of them:   

  • Free spins
  • Bonus symbols
  • Respins
  • Expanding symbols
  • Gamble game

The majority of casino clients prefer games with a bunch of additional features and breathtaking gameplay. 

Free Slots: Beginner’s Best Choice 

We’re slightly jealous of people who are just starting to explore the online gambling world, to be honest. It’s a good time to be a casino rookie! You have free access to the world’s best slots. Just think about it: you can play all you want and hone your skills until you’re ready to make real-money bets.  

How To Choose Your First Online Casino

Nowadays, casinos offer a mind-blowing variety of games to fit any taste and wallet. After sifting through multiple options, you’re sure to find the app that satisfies your needs.

Thanks to the Internet and other advanced technologies, users can access any gambling website and play any app. You’re no longer confined to your local casinos. Now you have the whole gambling world on your PC screen! Still, most gamblers tend to trust European casinos that have vast collections of free one-armed bandits.  

Free Games

It needs to be said that free play is very underrated. Many people don’t appreciate free things enough. But just because something is free doesn’t mean that it’s useless.  Why pass on the opportunity to make risk-free bets and enjoy gambling without worrying about your bankroll?    

For a rookie, free slots are a great opportunity to see what a casino has to offer. 

How To Pick A Good Slot

One of the most common mistakes made by newbies is that they’re too eager to make a deposit and start playing for real. Why jump to real money bets so soon? Multi-million jackpots, juicy multipliers, and bonus games are not going anywhere. Plus, if you send money to a low-quality casino with lazy customer support, getting your money back may be tricky.   

Before you top up your account, take the time to study slots for free. Gambling sites encourage players to explore the possibilities of the demo mode. While seasoned gamblers will hardly benefit from free play, rookies will surely find it useful. It’s a great way to find your way around the diverse universe of casino games.   

On an average gambling site, you’ll find dozens and hundreds of games However, this doesn’t mean that all of them are equally entertaining and profitable. Be careful when choosing a game to play. If you choose wrong, you risk ruining all the fun.   

The best way to avoid disappointment is to test one-armed bandits for free. If you like the games your selected casino is offering, you can move to the next step and register an account. If you’re hesitating, you’d better check out other casinos. Take it slow and don’t make any rush decisions that you may regret later. There is a bunch of gambling sites out there, and eventually you’ll find the one that checks all your boxes.