Exciting Slots Themed Around Jewels, Precious Stones, And Money

The Best Slots With Jewels, Gold, And Money. Play Slot Machines For Free

If you make a research on the top popular slot symbols, you’ll discover that slot manufacturers are going totally crazy for gold bars, jewelry, stones, and other precious things. The variety of luxurious items found on slot reels is truly dazzling! 

Needless to say, players like it when their winning combinations consist of beautiful images associated with wealth and power. Who knows? Maybe precious symbols attract luck better than fruits, cards or movie characters?

We’ve done a big job browsing through wealth-themed slot machines. The result of our research has been this amazing hand-picked list of the most exciting and profitable titles. We hope these slots will bring you luck!  

The Money Game

The name of this slot speaks for itself. Money Game is dedicated not exactly to precious stones but to money in general. On the reels, you’ll see puffy money bags, tight wallets, bills, and shiny coins. Designed in the shades of dark green, the slot creates an instant association with dollars, one of the most powerful world currencies. The Rich Man is one of the highest-paying symbols of the game. The image triggers lucrative bonuses, so get ready for a shower of wins!  

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Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold

If you like all things related to Ancient Egypt, this slot is just what you need. The game will blow your mind with its crispy graphics, unique symbols, tantalizing soundtrack, and never-before-seen multipliers. Prepare to meet the powerful pharaoh who worships gold and treasures. Be courageous and brave, and maybe the pharaoh will share his unspeakable wealth with you!   

Play the Treasures of Tombs Hidden Gold slot for free!

Pearls of India

From Egypt to India in a split of a second! India is another country where gold was a religion in its own kind. The Pearls of India slot will tell you about the luxurious lifestyle of the wealthy Indians. The reels are shining with jewels, castles, and beautiful female dancers. The traditional card symbols also made their way onto the reels of this mesmerizing one-armed bandit. 

Play the Pearls of India slot for free! 

Jewel Box 

We could not possibly leave out a slot dedicated exclusively to precious stones! The Jewel Box game will dazzle you with bloody-red rubies, sky-blue sapphires, and sparkling diamonds. As if all this were not enough, the slot also displays heavy gold bars, packs of money, and crown. As you can see, this game is literally screaming “wealth”! Test your luck at this unique slot and you won’t regret it!

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Gold King

If we had to recommend a game for the royalty fans, it would be the Gold King slot. Packed with riches, this slot machine will take you into the royal treasury. The cutting-edge graphics and immersive sounds will make your journey feel excruciatingly real. You’re sure to appreciate the red and golden design and rewarding features this game has in store for you. 

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This list only covers a tiny part of gold-themed slot machines. Start with these slots to get the taste of wealth. After that, we bet you’ll want more. There are many more breathtaking titles waiting to be explored!