Slots Across Different Countries Of The World

Gamblers across different countries have their unique preferences. While American and European casinos have very similar slots, they still have some differences.

There is no doubt that slots are the absolute favorite casino game worldwide. If you go to any European or Australian gambling site, you’ll see hundreds of gaming apps for all tastes. On first sight, they may seem identical to you. It takes a closer look to see slight differences. 

Indeed, all slots share the same fundamental principles. However, European slots are not exactly the same as American or Asian ones. 

When working on new games, software companies take into consideration the tastes and preferences of their local audience. In other words, they tailor their apps to the needs of their potential clients, which is only smart.

For example, gamblers from Asia love slots themed around the Chinese New Year. Responding to a big demand, Asian slot manufacturers consider it their duty to release new games dedicated to this topic every year. At the same time, European gamblers are indifferent to this category of games, preferring the Christmas and Halloween themes instead.  

At the same time, there is a trend towards globalization that can’t be ignored. It makes software brands create “universal” games that would appeal to gamblers across the globe. One good example is iconic Hollywood movies. Who doesn’t know Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example? Everyone knows him and loves the blockbusters he starred in! This is why a Terminator-themed slot will be a guaranteed success in any market, whether it’s Latin America or Europe.  

But what about countries where gambling is officially banned? Let’s take Japan, for example. Despite the gambling ban, Japanese people are obsessed with casino games. Knowing that, many software brads create games based off the Japanese history and culture.  Needless to say, users from Japan are more than happy to see a localization like that.  

The same goes for slots in Russia. The fact that gambling is banned on the national level doesn’t stop people from loving casino games and emotions they give them. We hope to see slot producers create more titles that would strike a chord with Russian casino enthusiasts. 

Slot Emulators Vs. Classic Video Slots 

Before talking about emulators, let’s try to define classic video slots. Video slots are conventional slot machines that you can find in land-based casinos. The term “emulator” refers to the online version of a video slot. Easy, right?

So what sets these two types of games apart? The main difference that jumps to the eye is how they are made. A classic video slot is a physical machine with a control panel, reels, lever, chips, and screen. Inside it has a small computer block and the device called the “random number generator” that creates random sequences of numbers. 

An emulator is a computer program that enables a casino client to play a slot game online. Since an emulator doesn’t have a physical form, a gambler has to use a mouse and keypad to make bets, spin the reels, etc.  

A classic video slot is a standalone device. For it to work, you simply need to connect it to the power supply. To be able to play an emulator, you need a personal computer, display, and Internet connection. Since an emulator is constantly exchanging data with the server, it needs to be connected to the Internet in order to function properly. 

On one hand, there is quite a bunch of differences between these two types of games! 

On the other hand, when it comes to gameplay, the differences are no longer there. Both physical slots and emulators use one and the same program. It means that a slot by the same software brand will have the same symbols, payouts, and features both online and offline. You won’t spot any differences, no matter how hard you look!

Feel free to gamble online at home or go to a land-based casino in Las Vegas or any other gambling hub. Both emulators and classic slots boast top-notch graphics, sounds, and animations. No matter which type of games you choose, you’ll enjoy a stellar gambling experience that will lift your spirits!