Types of Online Slot Symbols

Symbols In Online Casino Slot Machines

To tell the truth, the variety of symbols you can see on the reels of a slot can be pretty overwhelming. Thanks to major advances in graphic design and technology, casino software manufacturers are free to come up with new symbols that add to the overall fun of the game. Needless to say, gamblers don’t seem to mind that at all!

If you really want to stand a chance at winning, you must know the main types of slot symbols like the back of your hand. If seeing an unfamiliar image on the reels makes you scratch your head, you might not be quite ready for the big game. In this article, we’ll make a quick review of amazing symbols you may encounter while playing your favorite online slots

Basic Symbols

Let’s start with standard symbols since they’re the easiest ones to remember. In one of our previous posts, we found out that poker cards are the oldest slot symbols. They made their debut in classic 3-reel machines as early as the 19th century. True to the old-time gambling traditions, modern online slots still have Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace shining on their reels. If you prefer 3D slots over classic models, you must know that they tend to feature more exquisite symbols based on stunning visual effects and animations. Most of the time, these visually engaging symbols relate to the theme and protagonists of the slot. Major slot producers each have their own signature symbols that make it easy to recognize their titles among the rest.


Scatter is an irreplaceable symbol which graces with its presence almost any slot machine. Most of the time, Scatter brings free spins. The beautiful thing about Scatter is that it’s not tied to paylines, i.e. you can land it anywhere on the reels and still get extra spins. The tricky part is that you need to line up at least three Scatters to trigger the reward. Gamblers love free spins because they can fill your pockets with easy cash. Usually, the player is rewarded with five to twenty free spins. All the money you win during free spins is added to your balance.

In some games, free spins come loaded with high-paying symbols, juicy multipliers, and other perks to boost your earnings.

Sometimes, Scatters pay on their own but not as generously as Wilds.


Wild is another legendary symbol that plays a huge role in the gambling culture. Just like Scatter, Wild has a unique magical ability, being able to substitute for any regular symbol on the reels. The only images Wild can’t replace are Scatter and Jackpot symbols. Wild helps you form winning combinations, increasing your earnings substantially. Be careful, tough. In some slots, Wild can only come up on specific reels, e.g. reels 2 through 4, or only the central one. To diversify the gameplay, software companies have come up with different variations of Wilds. For example, Sticky Wilds stay “glued” on the reels during a specific number of spins, showering you with wins. Expanding Wilds occupy the entire reel from top to bottom. Walking Wilds remain attached on the reels, but instead of remaining fixed in one place, they “travel” from reel to reel.

Multiplier Wilds come with a higher-than-usual multiplier, increasing your profits in a drastic way. It’s no surprise they’re so hard to come across!

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbol usually starts an exciting bonus game found inside the base game. Bonus games are bursting with extra features, cash prizes, plot twists, and eye-popping visuals. While some bonus rounds involve a great deal of decision making, others are simply games of chance. Most of the time, a bonus game continues the theme explored in the main game, maintaining the spirit of the slot. A curious fact is that some bonus symbols can only be triggered during free spins or other special features. A bonus symbol is tricky because its rules vary greatly form slot to slot.

Our advice to you is to check the slot description to know what to expect!

Stacked Symbols

Stacked symbols are hailed by gamblers for their generous nature. Stacked symbols take up more space on the reels, boosting your chances to hit a payout. It’s not uncommon that stacked images get combined with other types of slot symbols. As a result, we get Stacked Wilds that are insanely beneficial for the player! 


Is there anything better than a landing a symbol that automatically multiplies your payout by 3,4 or 6 times? We doubt that very much! Most of the time, a multiplier doesn’t even have a special icon. Any regular symbol can serve as a multiplier. In some slot titles, a Multiplier can be a Wild symbol at the same time. Needless to say, software companies are not willing to place too many of these incredibly generous symbols on the reels!

Sticky Symbols

Sticky Symbol holds its position on the reels during a specific number of spins. Usually, a Sticky symbol is the Wild or Scatter of the game. To experience its magical effect, you need to land a Sticky image as a part of a winning combo. To prevent that, slot manufacturers tend to put this image at the end of the reels, instead of the center. Ugh, what a mean thing to do!