Real-Money Slots: How To Make Your First Bet

How To Start Playing Online Slots For Real Money

If you’ve made the decision to start gambling for real money, you need to go through several consecutive stages. There can be no shortcuts. Each stage is important and will be bringing you closer to your goal.    

How To Choose An Honest Online Casino

Everything starts with choosing the right gambling site. It’s a crucial step that will determine your future gambling experience. You must approach this task with all seriousness and responsibility. Don’t be intimidated, though! We’re here to give you a few tips. 

Make a shortlist of casinos that you deem worthy. Scrutinize them one by one. Test slots for free and see whether they live up to your expectations in terms of graphic, payouts, etc. A gambling site must have a solid selection of casino games, including new and popular slot titles. Also, you must have an easy access to user agreement, bonus terms, payment terms, and other vital info.   

Try to dig up as much information on the casino in question as possible. Browse through gambling forums, professional blogs, etc. Be careful not to fall for fabricated reviews, though!

If you haven’t found any major faults and the casino looks decent and reliable, you can move to the next step. 

Registration And Deposit

A registration process varies from casino to casino. On each gambling site, you’ll find a slightly different registration form. Be sure to submit correct, accurate, and relevant information about yourself. Otherwise, you risk having problems withdrawing your money in the future. Remember that a casino can’t trust a user who has entered false data. It would be a pity if the casino refuses to pay out your winnings due to lack of trust, right? 

Once you’re done with the registration, you can top up your account. Most of the rime, novice users are reluctant to deposit big sums of money at once – even if they trust the casino they’re dealing with. If you share this fear, you should better make a deposit of a small or medium size. Plus, if you end up losing your bankroll, it won’t be as painful as if you gambled away a significant amount of money. 

As you probably already know, the size of your bonus is determined by the size of your bankroll. The more money you transfer to your account, the more money a casino gives you a gift. At the same time, chasing hefty bonuses is not something we’d recommend you to do. Why? Because releasing a large bonus is a not a walk in the park. It’s true challenge that only proficient gamblers can handle. 

Real-Money Bets

Most of the time, a deposit arrives to your casino account instantly or within a few minutes. Once you have money in your account, you can access real-money apps. If you’re new to slots, you should stick with small bets until you get a solid idea of what one-armed bandits are and how they work. Watch the time. When it comes to one-armed bandits, it’s easy to get carried away and spend more than you’ve planned. Once you have enough courage, you can try and risk bigger amounts of money. 

Everything You Need To Know About Real-Money Slots

Have you ever thought of how these amazing games have evolved and improved over the years? What stands behind some of their symbols? One-armed bandits have a rich history thatonly adds to their charm. 

Against a common belief, the first one-armed bandits didn’t have 3 reels. They came with 5 reels. Interestingly enough, some manufacturers were trying to add even more reels but the design ended up being too complex.

As symbols, the first slots used cards, such as Queen, Ace, King, etc. If you landed a paying poker hand, you got rewarded. 

However, gamblers found poker-based combinations too complicated for such a simple game. The audience were craving for something less tricky. Slot manufacturers responded to the expectations of the gambling community.  

This is how 3-reel slots came into existence. It needs to be said that the first slots were massive machines with an iron lever, slot for coins, and “tray” for winnings. Think about a modern-day ATM and you’ll get the picture!

The problem was that slot machines had a controversial status, legislation-wise. This is why, instead of real money, players got rewarded with symbolic gifts that could be swapped for cash or a drink at the bar.

Now let’s say a few words about how the nickname “one-armed bandit” entered our language. “Arm” was the metaphor for a lever that a player needed to press in order to start the reels. Why “bandits”? Well, it’s an easy one! Because it was (and is) a common thing that slots ripped off players of their last money. Yes, gambling addiction has always been an issue among casino enthusiasts!

So what’s the story behind fruits that you can see on slot reels? In the early 20th century, an American bubble gum producer decided to use slot machines to promote their products. If a player landed a combination consisting of, say, cherries, they got a cherry-flavored bubble gum. By the way, the iconic BAR symbol is actually the name of the bubble gum. 

As for the Bell symbol that you can still see in some apps, it’s a tribute to the legendary Liberty Bell slot that took the US gambling market by storm.   

As you can see, tradition and symbolism are an integral part of real-money slots. This makes these amazing games even more exciting to play. You should definitely try them out, if you still haven’t!