Popular Pokies: Tricks And Vulnerabilities

Tricks On use On Top Popular Pokies

Be honest and admit it. Like any gambler, you must be dreaming of cheating a pokie and hitting one juicy payout after another! How nice it would be to know a secret that would allow you to make consistent profits on gambling!  

As we’ve mentioned multiple times in our publications, there is no using trying to search for secret combinations of buttons that may trigger a high payout. Winning betting systems and strategies are also totally useless when it comes to pokies. Even if you’ve landed a high-paying combination, we can assure you that it’s not because you’ve been using a strategy but because you’ve been lucky! Don’t fool yourself into believing that a strategy can actually help you in any way! It’s all wishful thinking.

Searching For Popular Pokies

Allow us to start with a disclaimer. What you’re about to read has not been confirmed by any “research” and is based solely on personal experiences of seasoned players. 

As you already know, pokies enjoy unparalleled popularity among gamblers. Indeed, these games have a bunch of advantages that make them a delight to play. Pokies feature high RTP rates, frequent payouts, crispy and immersive graphics, entertaining plots, and other benefits. Plus, they have low betting limits, which means every casino user can afford to make a few bets on pokies. One-armed bandits account for the biggest part of wagers made by gamblers. This trend is characteristic of both online and offline casinos. 

How do you find a popular pokie that is guaranteed to deliver an excellent gambler experience? It’s pretty easy. Once on a casino website, check out the “Popular” section and pick the title that has caught your attention. Make sure your selected game is not one of those progressive one-armed bandits. Progressive pokies tend to be less generous with payouts, so we recommend avoiding them. 

Player Experience

Once you’ve selected a decent title, go and search all the information you can find on this game. Read both professional reviews and comments from common users like yourself. Also, be sure to check the technical specifications of the pokie in question, such as RTP (if available), number of paylines, dispersion, and so on.  

You’re sure to find other gamblers discussing the pros and cons of the app, sharing tricks and clever techniques, telling about their personal impression, etc. While you shouldn’t trust everything you read on the Internet, knowing other players’ opinions on the game you’re about to play makes you feel more confident and informed.   

Crazy Monkey

In the Crazy Monkey pokie, gamblers have discovered a trick that can be applied in the bonus game. The secret is that you need to pull the ropes from left to right, and not in any other order. 


Here is an interesting thing discovered for the Garage gaming app. The bet that tends to win more often than others is 35. Keep in mind that this is a total bet on all paylines. This means you can wager 35 coins on one payline, 5 coins on 7 paylines, or 7 coins on 5 paylines. Do this trick and see your winnings soar starting from spin 3. 

Lucky Ladys Charm

Lucky Ladys Charm is another title that has a secret. Activate the auto mode for 10 spins. If you lose all 10 spins, it’s better to move to another pokie. If, however, at least one spin ended with a win, you should continue playing this game because it will generate fat and frequent payouts in the future! 


If you’re a fan of the Resident pokie, try this trick. Wager on three paylines. If you lose, make your next bet on one payline only. Players claim that this time your spin will be successful. Care to try for yourself?