Online Pokies And Law Of Large Numbers

Law Of Large Numbers In The Online Pokies

Although you can successfully play free pokies without a strategy, many players like to test and explore smart betting strategies and tricks. Such strategies are believed to boost your winning chances. We want to be honest by warning you that betting systems for free pokies are useless.

The Law of large numbers is a crucial part of the probability theory. However, applying the Law of large numbers to free online pokies is rather difficult due to some characteristics of the latter.

In short, the Law of large numbers says that the more time has passed and the more identical actions have been performed, the more the result approaches to the mean value.

Classic Example Law Of Large

A classic example is throwing a coin. The odds of getting tails or heads is 50%. However, if you throw a coin 10 times, you’ll hardly get 5 tails and 5 heads. Most of the time, the heads-tails ratio will be different from 1:1. Even if you throw a coin one million times, the result will stay more or less the same.

The law of large numbers was invented in 1600s by Jakob Bernoulli. He even came up with a formula to determine the deviation from the expected result.

Applying the Law of large numbers to play free pokies hardly makes sense. While some gamblers say that during a long play session they manage to achieve results close to the slot’s RTP, this is not true.

To get 96-98% of your wagers back, you need to make a huge number of spins within a month. (RTP percentages are usually valid for a month period). On one side, no one can stop you from playing online pokies Australia for one month straight. On the other side, your bankroll will probably run out sooner than a month comes to an end.

Besides pokies online, the Law of large numbers is also used in roulette. In this case, using the Law makes more sense because betting on Red or Black is similar to guessing whether the flip side of a coin will be heads or tails. The bad news is that the problem remains the same. To achieve a desired level of winnings, you need to make a lot (we mean, A LOT) of wagers.

Australian Online Pokies And Sports

What do free pokies online and sports have in common? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is passion and excitement. Both when playing for real money and watching a sports event with your favorite team, you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

The research shows that pokies are much more closely related to sports than you might think.

Play free pokies won’t help you develop muscles, get into shape, or lose weight. However, this doesn’t mean that free online pokies are useless. They can contribute to developing strong will and self-confidence. Without these qualities, no athlete would be able to set a new record!

As surprising as it may seem, online pokies Australia can bring out a fighter in you. Psychological development is just as important as physical one – especially when we’re talking about equal rivals. In this situation, the gold medal usually goes to the athlete with a bigger will to win.

It’s still unknown whether free pokies online will be used in sports training. Anyway, the fact is that seasoned gamblers are often better at solving everyday problems, handling tricky situations, and decision making. In stressful situations, they tend to stay calm and concentrated. The secret is that gambling fans are used to losing. But at the same time, they know that a loss will be followed by a win, sooner or later. They transcend their optimism from gambling to everyday life.

Who knows? Maybe in a couple of decades, australian online pokies will be added to school curriculum as a compulsory discipline!