How to win in slots and earn money in online casinos

Online slots ability to win - dope or nope?

If roulette has always been considered the Queen of the Casino, then the place of the King can be safely given to slot machines. A couple of decades ago, mechanical, now completely switched to electronics - these “guys” granted more than one name into the lists of multimillionaires, however, as well as they ruined more than one pocket.

For everyone who asked the main question “How to win at slot machine games?”, we immediately answer - the main strategy for it is to chose slots with the highest return percentage and cumulative jackpots (like Mega Moolah), in which, with maximum bet you will be able to get a chance to win jackpot. But not everyone can afford the game with maximum bet, even more - this approach to the game is not always justified. Although, this does not prevent new theories and schemes that many consider more than viable to appear with enviable regularity. Such strategies are rarely too complicated simply because the possibilities of the clients of the gambling house in this category of gambling entertainment are limited.

Betting systems described in the material will not give you a 100% win-win strategy, but will help to systematize the process of the game, correctly manage your bankroll, and the process itself will probably become more meaningful and interesting.

"Up the stairs” System

The system is very simple and straightforward, somewhat reminiscent of progressive systems of winning in roulette. Start by choosing a low bet at the beginning - let it be your minimum threshold (your bids should not fall below this amount). If you won nothing after the first spin, do not change your bet, otherwise double it.

The whole game on this system will take place according to a predetermined algorithm: a win is a signal to raise the bet 2 times, a loss to reduce it by the same amount. And yes, you should also have an upper limit (either a system limit or your own). By winning, after which there is an increase in the bet rate, we mean a sum of money that is at least 2 times higher than the bet itself. That is, if after winning $10 you won $15, you do not need to bet $20 on the next spin.

The “Up the Stairs” system is a soft cushion for your bankroll, because large bets are always made on the winnings.

“Play and Run” system

This strategy has a very speaking name that literally conveys its essence: if the slot does not meet your expectations, you move to another slot machine. “Play and Run” offers to completely abandon the "gut" sense during the game and try to find the best option which depends on logic only. For our part, there will be no assessments of the system; we will simply introduce you to its principles. And to use it or not - it's up to you.

To understand the strategy, you need to know two terms - “limit loss” (your limit of the funds that you are willing to lose on the 1st slot) and “empty spin” (spinning drums without cash payments).

Before starting the game, decide on the number of slot machines, empty spins, after which you simply switch to another slot, and the amount of money you are willing to say goodbye to. This scheme is ideal for people with a small bankroll, and small bets are a prerequisite for the gameplay. Do not lose touch with reality - if you have a limit on funds, do not play slots with high bets.

This is not a progressive system and does not provide for an increase or decrease in bets amount during the game process. The bet rate is always the same. Constantly remember about your limits - have reached one of them, and maybe both - it's time to change the slot or even stop playing for today. In case of success, the slot machine game should not be changed, but you'll need to close the current gaming session (withdraw money and launch a new game).

From the advantages of the described system, you can make the following:

  1. By following the rules, you cannot unexpectedly lose all your money;
  2. Gaming session will last longer, even if you lose;
  3. In case of success, you use your chance to win more, but you can stop in time without doing something silly.

“Empty Spin” strategy

The scheme has something in common with the “Play and Run” system already described above, there’s only one restriction - the number of rounds played which do not make money for you. The main idea - the refusal of the game on the "unlucky" slot game. The system is simple and does not shift the scales of advantage to the player. But it will perfectly fit into any bankroll management and make the game more orderly.

We strongly advise players who find it difficult to “slow down” to look at this system - this is a proven way to move away from the game in time, without draining all their savings.

Experienced gamblers advise you to set your limit of empty spins within 7-15. A smaller number will make you change slots too quickly, and a larger number will increase the risk of losing money. The size of bets on the system of empty spins does not change. Top online casinos with excellent reputation and the best offers can be found in our "Online Casino” section.

“One game” system

According to this system, the player chooses an interesting slot for him and puts the maximum bet on the first spin. In case of luck, you can continue to play the slot machine for the money you've won, or withdraw the winnings. The decision is up for the player. If you lose credits from the first spin - change the slot. If the first spin didn't gave you positive result - go to the next slot machine in the list. The scheme is suitable for active players with a “healthy” bankroll.

What logic guided the creators of the “One game” system is difficult to say, but most likely it didn’t do without superstition about the fact that the casino specifically makes the first spin winning to lure customers into the game. If so, then the “One Game” system will make someone richer.

I would like to draw the players' attention to the fact that the systems can be combined. All of them are tied to the exclusion of quick loss and give the opportunity to play with pleasure.