How Often Do Fruit Machines Pay Out?

How Can I Win At Fruit Machines?

In this article, we’re going to reveal the secrets of fruit machines — or fruities, as they’re lovingly called by some gamblers. Fruit machines are the iconic symbol of the gambling world. They usually have at least 3 reels featuring colorful images of delicious fruits, such as cherries, plums, strawberries, and the like. These beautiful symbols are the thing that sets fruities apart from other games, making them truly unforgettable! Plus, fruit machines are known for their generosity, paying back up to 98% of wagers made by players. 

Unusual Features

Unlike other types of slots, fruit machines have a “Hold” button. This is how it works. Suppose, you’re playing a 3-reel fruit machine. You land two cherries one after another. To complete a winning combo, you desperately need another cherry. This is when you can press the “Hold” button, fixing two reels with the lemons in place for the next spin. This way, only the third reel will be active in the next spin. If you land another lemon on the 3rd reel, you get paid!

How Can I Win At Fruit Machines?

To get a payout, you need to land identical fruit symbols in a line. It doesn’t matter how your winning combo will look. The line can be horizontal, zigzag, vertical, etc. If you’re playing a 5-reel fruit machine, you have more chances to land a winning combo compared to a 3-reel slot. However, fruities with 3 reels tend to pay higher than their 5-reel counterparts. 

As you might already know, all slots — fruit machines included — are using random number generators to produce winning combinations. This means that the so-called “winning strategies” are, in fact, useless when applied to slots. But is there any other way to tip the odds in the player’s favor? Yes, there is one little secret. It’s important to know that each fruit machine has a certain period between big payouts. Usually, it’s s about 4 days, give or take. Try to find out when was the last time your slot paid out a big cash prize or jackpot. This way, you’ll be able to make a rough estimation of when the next payout is due.  

How Do I Know That A Fruit Machine Is About To Pay Out?

When you’re playing fruities at a pub or casino, there are several signs indicating that the slot might soon reward the player with a cash prize. First of all, listen how a coin enters the machine. Usually, the coin ends up in the coin hopper in the front part of the slot. However, if the hopper is stuffed with coins, your coin might fall down the back of the one-armed bandit. This is when you know that the next payout is just around the corner. Although this method is by no means 100% accurate, it’s still nice to know such little tricks to boost your confidence.

But what about online fruit machines? Here the things become a little trickier but we still have a clever tip for you to hold on to. Choose slots equipped with special meters that show how likely a fruit machine is to form a paying combo. If the meter is displaying a high value, chances are you might get lucky during the next few spins! Again, this method is not 100% fireproof but there is no harm in trying it out! 

Smart Tips On How To Make Friends With Fruit Machines 

Like with any type of slots, you need to be very careful when playing fruit machines. Despite their sunny appearance, fruities can strip you of your money in no time! And it’s the last thing you want, right? To become friends with fruit machines, you need to follow some important rules. First, be sure to pre-set a budget for each game session and never exceed it. If you’re easily carried away, set a time limit as well. For example, allow yourself to play 30 minutes and spend no more than 20 dollars. It’s a time-tested strategy that never fails. By playing fruit machines responsibly, you’ll avoid unnecessary stress and save your bankroll for more colorful spins.