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Such a game as roulette has long been recognized as a classic of the gambling genre. There is a theory that the creator of roulette is the legendary mathematician Blaise Pascal, who, in an attempt to construct a perpetual motion machine, assembled a roulette wheel. This game wandered from country to country, acquiring new additional positions of rules, and from time to time change.

Why American Roulette?

Today, one of the most popular varieties of this game is American roulette. Such entertainment is available in the piggy bank of most modern casino providers. This game is good in that it implies almost all of the rules that are characteristic of the classic roulette game version. At the same time, American roulette has its own nuances that add piquancy to the entertainment process.

Visually, the American Roulette game is made in a very concise, stylish and restrained manner. The atmosphere will be diluted with a calm sound, reminiscent of the music in the lounge bars. The color scheme is muffled, and its dominant shades will be saturated blue and light golden hues. Such a contrasting palette allows you to convey each visual detail most vividly. The playing field itself is presented in the form of a typical table for American roulette.

The table is covered with velvet fabric and has wooden sides. The layout of the table consists of a certain number of cells painted in black and white. 36 color cells are complemented by two zero sectors and markings on the periphery. Peripheral markup is needed so that the user can bet on a certain group of numbers and at the same time do not flood the field with chips. Chips, by the way, are presented in several denominations, which is very convenient for making a variable bet. The roulette wheel is slightly pushed into the background and has the same number of positions as the field.

The gameplay itself is very simple and even a player without the proper experience can understand its features. All that is required of a participant in an American roulette game is to place a bet and start the wheel. Bets are very different, but they all imply one pattern: the fewer numbers to enter the bet, the higher the risk and the higher the reward in case of victory. Such a dependence is observed in all gambling entertainment. At the same time, the player can make any number of bets, the amount of which can be covered by the current balance. As soon as the ball in the wheel stops on one of the cells, the winnings are calculated in accordance with the ratios and bets. Then the player can either re-bet or repeat.

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