How To Find A Winning Slot?

In The Search Of A Winning Slot

Finding a winning slot machine is the dream of millions of gamblers. Sadly, this is not quite possible. The online casino always has an advantage over the player. This is how every single game is made. The important thing to understand is that the odds are always in casino’s favor. You can either accept it, or refuse to gamble under these terms. There is a ray of hope, though. The house edge only applies over the long run, i.e. for a very large number of bets. During a short play session, you have all chances to beat the casino and make some juicy earnings. Read on to find out more!

How To Pick A Winning Slot Machine

If you go to a gambling website, you’ll be overwhelmed with the selection of slot machines. How do you find the one-armed bandit that pays out the most? We’re here to share a few useful tricks with you! 

The first thing you should pay attention to is RTP (Return to Player) percentage. The higher RTP your slot has, the more money you’re going to get back as winnings.   

Let’s find out why RTP is so crucial when it comes to earnings. Plainly speaking, RTP shows what percentage of bets the machine returns to players. Let’s say, you’re playing a one-armed bandit with a 96% RTP. This means that you can get back 96% of the money wagered on this slot. However, this value is not always going to be exactly 96% for each player. While some gamblers might win back more than 96% of their wagers, others might get less lucky. One thing is known for sure: the more bets you make, the closer you’ll get to 96%.  

Let’s take an example. You wager $10 per spin and win $100. In this particular spin, your RTP stands at a staggering 1000%. However, it’s not going to be like that all the time, because it’s not the actual RTP your slot has. You simply got lucky! If you continue to make bets, you’re going to face both wins and losses. By the end of a long play session, your winnings-wagers ratio will come close to your slot’s RTP percentage.    

How To Make Money On Slots

What are the practical takeaways the player can apply in real life? Rule No.1 is to look for one-armed bandits with a high payout percentage.  Most of the time, online casinos only publish an average RTP value for all slots available on its website. Don’t let this trick fool you. It doesn’t mean that all slots have identical RTPs. Be persistent and contact the casino to find out the RTP for your selected slot. If this strategy fails, try to find this information on the website of the manufacturing company.   

Rule No.2 is to remember that RTP percentage only applies for a large number of bets. If so far you’ve been lucky to hit several wins in a row, you’re most likely going to lose this money in the next spins. With that said, our advice is this. Once you’ve landed a juicy payout, you should stop playing and cash out your earnings before you’re tempted to spend it on more wagers. While this tactic requires a great deal of willpower and discipline, you’ll thank yourself later. It’s a fireproof way to save the money you’ve won at slots. If you spend it on chasing more winnings, you risk ending up with a zero balance.