Class 2 And Class 3 Slot Machines

What's The Difference Between Class 2 And Class 3 Slot Machines?

In this article, we’re going to reveal a fascinating fact about slot machines that few gamblers are aware of. Did you know that one-armed bandits are classified into two different types – Class II and Class III? Read on to find out more! 

First things first. Where did this weird classification come from? Well, the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act sets forth different classes of gambling games. To spare you long and dull definitions, let’s say that Class II gaming embraces all variations of bingo games. Class III refers to any games that aren’t classified as Class I or Class II. 

Class III games can be found in the countries and regions where gambling is officially legalized. At the same time, in India, where gambling is banned, casinos only have Class II games. This means that all slot machines in Indian casinos are, in fact, based on bingo.

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Class II Slots: How They Work

At first, Indian casinos complied with the law and only offered bingo games. However, those games featured sky-high bets, which made them very risky for gamblers. Another problem was that bingo-based games were not exciting enough for gamblers. To retain their clients and provide them with a proper gambling experience, casinos had to think of a solution. The American engineers designed slot machines that could provide a fantastic player experience without violating the legislation of the countries where gambling is illegal.    

The beautiful thing is that you can hardly tell Class II and Class III slots apart. They look almost like twins! The key difference has to do with the gameplay. The thing is that you’re playing a Class II slot together with a group of other gamblers, like in a bingo game. A Class II slot machine features a special bingo card displaying the results of each spin. 

Curious about how a bingo-based slot works? Bear with us! There is a tiny window of time. Every player that hits the Play button during that window automatically participates in a ball draw. If you get a bingo, you win! The maximum number of participants is unlimited. 

This way, it’s not the random number generator that determines whether you land a winning combination or not. In Class II slots, it’s the draw that determines the winner. A combination lining up on the reels simply visualizes the result of that draw. Despite that major difference, engineers did a great job making a bingo game look like a regular slot.

Class II Vs. Class III: Which Type Is Better?

It’s a myth that Class III games are more generous and fair to players. Class II and Class III slot machines have almost identical payout percentages.

When creating a Class II slot, programmers can easily replicate the payout rates of any traditional one-armed bandit. As a result, your odds of landing a specific winning combination in Class II game will be exactly the same as your odds of lining up the same combo in Class III game. 

Wrapping it up, we can assure you that both types of slot machines offer equally attractive winning opportunities. Whether you’re a fan of bingo or traditional slots, you can pick the type of game that makes you happy and excited!