Can Casinos Or Players Cheat On Slot Machines?

Can Casinos Tighten Slot Machines?

Although slots machines are ridiculously easy to play, it doesn’t mean you can easily interfere with their settings and outcomes.

The times when slots had rigid metallic frames, gears and belts, are long gone. Modern online slots are computer programs with a microprocessor and random access memory (RAM). Plus, each slot features an algorithm called “random number generator” (RNG) which produces sequences of random numbers.

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Slots Networks

All slot machines are linked into a network, and data on all outcomes are sent to a shared server. This is done not only for the purpose of building a progressive jackpot, but also for monitoring reasons. Gambling regulatory bodies access the shared server and check the data to make sure slots are not rigged. This also allows them to verify each jackpot won by players.

When it comes to online gambling, it all runs down to the casino app used by the player on their computer. A reliable server connection is also vital. All calculations are made on the casino’s computing capacities and sent to the casino app installed on the user’s computer. The principle remains the same, only that microprocessors and RNGs can be thousands of miles away from the player. However, the distance doesn’t affect the quality or safety of a play process.

The main thing is to have a stable Internet connection that would allow an online casino to exchange data with its clients in a fast way.

Are Slot Machines Programmed?

All slot machines run on RNG which is an advanced computer algorithm. RNG settings are linked with RTP. RNG is set to generate the percentage of winning combinations that corresponds to the slot’s RTP.

Changing the slot settings is close to impossible. In theory, you would need to get access to the slot code and remove all winning combinations from it. As a result, you’d get a slot that never generates winnings. A dream of any casino, right? In real life, things aren’t that easy. Let us explain why.

Online casinos don’t have access to slot code because slot producers keep it strictly confidential.

This rules out any possibility of cheating from the casino’s side. At the same time, this doesn’t mean you can relax and trust any casino. Read how to choose a reliable online casino with software from major software producers. As for slot manufacturers, they’re simply not interested in rigging their games in the favor of online casinos, even for a financial reward. Casino software producers value their good image too much to engage into something as reckless. It needs so be said that both online casinos and slot providers always make a profit because RTP never reaches 100 %.

Here is another reason why you shouldn’t worry about cheating. All respectable online casinos and software companies are rigorously monitored by their local gambling regulating authorities.

Regulatory bodies like to perform random, unannounced audits. If it turns out that the operation of a slot doesn’t correspond to its original settings, both the casino and slot producer will get huge fines. The casino even risks losing its license.

In the gambling industry, reputation is everything. Everyone knows that slots are set to make frequent payouts. If in a certain casino slots start to pay out very little, players will immediately realize what’s going on. The casino’s image will be ruined forever. A good casino would never put their hard-earned reputation at risk.

Can You Hack Slot Machines?

There is hardly a player who wouldn’t like to learn the secret of winning at slots. It’s a guaranteed source of wealth and financial independence. Knowing that secret, you wouldn’t need to work for the rest your life!

Plus, with demo mode in online casinos, players have a unique opportunity to study each slot all they want. They can test different strategies, try different bet sizes, coin denominations, etc.

However, this doesn’t seem to help! And it’s not surprising because all computing processes are performed on remote servers that are out of your reach. On the screen of your slot, you only see the results of the calculations.

This makes a slot on a gambling website just a tool for displaying data to player. It doesn’t generate winning combinations.
As a player, you can set the bet size, choose the number of paylines and coin value, click Spin button, select between options during bonus features, and maybe do a few other things. These are the only data that the slot sends to the server.

To interfere with slot settings, you would need to hack the casino server. As you understand, it’s not a task a common user can do.

This leads us to a sad conclusion. Professional hackers seem to be the only ones who can change the settings of a slot. At the same time, casinos are using secure tools to protect their games and data from unauthorized access.