Slots Online: Brand New Game Or Legacy Of One-Armed Bandits?

Why Slots Are The Alpha And Omega Of Online Gambling

The evolution of slots demonstrates how fast the world we live in is changing. For a long time, slots were mechanical machines with buttons, reels, and levers. One slot machine occupied almost as much space as a modern-day ATM. Can you imagine that? Nowadays, a slot is gaming app that you can play on your PC or even smartphone. It no longer occupies physical space and is accessed remotely. 

Evolution Leap

Of course, land-based slot machines didn’t go anywhere. They still have a strong fan base among gamblers all over the world. However, they have changed a lot. Inside a slot machine, there are no more mechanical elements. Now it’s something like a computer installed in a land-based casino. 

If you’re playing online slots, you should know that a slot app is not stored on the casino website.   It’s stored on the remote server owned by the software manufacturer who produced that app. Once the RNG had determined the winning combination, the result is displayed on the casino website and the user sees whether they have lost or won.  

This is how slots have evolved from bulky mechanical devices to computer programs. Technological revolution is a true wonder!   

Identical Rules

Despite radical changes, the gameplay has stayed absolutely the same. A standard slot has 5 reels, with 3 active symbols each. A player can choose the number of lines they’re betting on. Winning combinations are determined by the random number generator and paid from left to right. See? It’s all the same as it’s always been!

The only thing that has evolved is the quality of graphics. Modern apps boast spectacular characteristics, including cutting-edge graphics and immersive sounds. In this regard, slots can hold a candle to video games! Some 20 years ago, gamblers never thought that slots would be so advanced!

Beyond that, modern slots have more special features, rounds, gamble games, high-paying symbols, and other nice surprises. Only not does this make the gameplay more exciting, but it also creates more opportunities to make money. On top of that, some games offer staggering progressive jackpots that can change your life in one second. Slots have become both more interesting to play and financially rewarding.   

As you can see, a modern slot is, in fact, the all-familiar one-armed bandit enhanced with powerful characteristics. Like decades ago, the promise of big winning keeps casino enthusiasts awake at night, making them spin the reels over the over again.   

The Importance Of Slots For Online Casinos

Without undue pathos, it’s safe to say that slots play a fundamental role in both offline and online casinos. If casinos removed all video slots from their websites, a big part of their clients would leave and never come back. 

Main Source Of Income

According to some estimations, one-armed bandits account for up to 90% of the income generated by online casinos. The truth is that a casino business can survive without video poker, baccarat, and even roulette. The only type of games a casino can’t do without is slots.  

This is especially true for online casinos that rely on cards games less than their brick-and-mortar rivals. 

Progressive Jackpots

When it comes to online slots, a progressive jackpot is one of the main attractions for casino lovers. What other game gives you a chance to hit a huge seven-digit prize? Blinded by gambling passion, keen gamblers spend hours spinning the reels in the hope of triggering the jackpot. The bitter truth is that only few of them get lucky.

It’s safe to say that a progressive jackpot is what makes one-armed bandits so popular among gambling fans. For many casino clients, a jackpot is the only reason to visit gambling websites every day and make bets. Judging by the ever-increasing size of progressive jackpots, slots will soon leave lotteries far behind in terms of generosity. 

What Makes A Successful Online Casino

To be a success among gamblers, an online casino must have a vast selection of high-quality gambling games from big-name developers and at least one progressive jackpot. Plus, a casino must make sure that its collection of games is updated on a regular basis - otherwise, players will get bored and look for a more exciting place to gamble. The is the bare minimum that can keep a casino business afloat. 

On top of that, a casino also needs to develop a compelling bonus system to encourage its clients and make them feel appreciated. This task is usually assigned to a casino’s marketing team.

Casino software brands realize the importance of keeping gamblers entertained. This is why developers are working tirelessly and release new apps every week. Some games are dedicated to holidays like Christmas and Easter, while others commemorate iconic cultural events, e.g. the release of a long-awaited movie. By ignoring the latest trends in the gambling industry, an online casino risks losing its clients to smarter competitors.