How To Make Your Betting On Pokies More Exciting

How To Make The Right Bets On Pokies And Win

Although one-armed bandits are the most popular type of casino games, even they can become boring and uniteresting. How do you avoid that? In this article, we’ll give you a few useful recommendations on how to diversify your gambling process. 

New Pokies

After choosing their favorite pokies, many gamblers stop exploring and paying attention to other gaming apps. This is a big mistake. Software manufacturers release new games every month. It would be a pity to miss on new advanced apps that are way more exciting to play than older releases!   

Don’t limit your enjoyment to a narrow selection of your favorite games. Keep searching for new titles. Online casinos offer a demo mode that allows you to test unfamiliar games without risking your wallet.   


If you’re losing more than winning, it’s not surprising that you may start losing interest in gambling. If you’re not happy with your win-loss ratio, try to analyze your gambling behavior. Chances are that you that you’re choosing the wrong gaming apps. Look for more profitable pokies with higher RTP values.

New Online Casinos

It’s not uncommon that a user gets bored with pokies from one and the same manufacturer. If this is the case with you, you should explore titles produced by other software suppliers. Each casino software brand has its unique characteristics, plots, themes, and features. There is no such thing as two identical pokies. 


Want to take a chance at winning a jackpot prize? No problem! On any gambling site, you can find different types of one-armed bandits, including those with progressive jackpots. It’s an endless source of multi-million prizes and unforgettable emotions. You won’t leave a gambling site disappointed. 

If your selected casino doesn’t have any progressive jackpots, don’t be afraid to switch to another website. The main thing is to choose a new casino wisely.   

Card Games

In addition to one-armed bandits, online casinos have a stunning collection of card games. Believe us, card games are no less entertaining than pokies. Plus, it’s a great chance to hone your analytical skills and strategic thinking. 

Taking A Break From Pokies

If you’ve tried everything and still failed to revive your interest to gambling, it might be a good idea to take a break from online gambling for a few weeks or months. Dedicate your free time to other hobbies and interests. We bet that you’ll feel a new wave of gambling passion soon. 

Play and Run System

It’s a known fact that pokies are not susceptible to winning strategies. In pokies, a casino always has an edge over a player. This means that winning odds are never in your favor. 

However, that doesn’t stop gamblers from using strategies in the hope of beating a casino. Play and Run is the name of one of such systems. Let’s focus on it in more detail. 

About The Strategy

The idea behind the Play and Run strategy is a simple one. If you’re not happy with how much money you’re making on a pokie, you should look for other titles. 

The strategy doesn’t give any tips for choosing the right gaming apps or finding the right bet size. To be able to use the strategy, you need to set a winnings target and limit of losing spins.  

Modern one-armed bandits tend to generate winning combos pretty often. Otherwise, they wouldn’t hold the title of the most popular casino games. If paying combinations are triggered once in a blue moon, players will eventually stop spending their money on the game.

The Play and Run strategy is a great soliton for players with small bankrolls. You need to keep playing until you reach the target amount of winnings or pre-set number of losing spins. With that said, we wouldn’t recommend you to make large bets.

How To Use The Strategy

Set the number of losing spins at 20. Here we’re talking about the total number of losing spins, not necessarily consecutive ones.   

Also, set a winnings target. For example, it can be 40 spins, 20 of which are losing ones.    

If one of these conditions is met, a player might consider switching to another pokie. After 20 losing spins, you must find a new game to play. If you’ve reached your winnings target, you can continue playing the current game. However, you need to set a new target now. 


Although Play and Run is not the smartest strategy that you can come across, you can successfully use it to distinguish pokies with frequent payouts from stingy ones. However, you can’t be sure that the strategy will work. You may end up having more losing spins than winning ones. One a brighter note, you’ll get a chance to get acquainted with new games.