What can you do if the online casino does not pay out the winnings?

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If you are faced with such a problem as not paying out the money you honestly won in an online casino, the first thing to do is to stop playing in the casino until the problem is resolved, and also to fix the facts of the problem. Capture the screen and take screenshots of your winnings, payments, balance and try to record all calls to the support service. In other words, you need proof that the casino is violating your rights as a client of the club. All this data will be useful to you if the situation takes a serious turn. But let's start from the beginning.

What's the first thing to do?

Contacting the online casino support service. Be sure to report the problem to support and find out what the casino staff will answer you. If there is no clear answer and explanation on the part of the support, or you think their arguments are absurd, you will have to connect additional services. But more on that later.

First, you need to make sure that all actions performed by you comply with the rules and conditions of the casino in which you’ve played. Since, most often, all problems come from carelessness or "fast clicking" by the player of the terms of use of the casino. However, if support indicates a direct violation of the terms of use by you, ask for a detailed explanation of the reason and indicate the clause in the agreement (accepted by you) that was violated.

If there is no direct reason, and the casino employees evade the answer, it is necessary to use complaints against the operator.

Sites for reviews about online gambling establishments

There are many sites, such as bgaoc, where you can submit a complaint, investigate it and contact the casino for further investigation. We advise you to leave reviews not on one site, but on several at once (at least on 5-10 websites). The more reviews there will be about the casino, the sooner this information will reach them and they will try to smooth it out for you.

If you played in a casino from our list, then we can solve your problem on our own (if there are no direct violations).

Are those complaints on review casino sites effective?

Webmasters of sites with casino reviews and ratings have contacts of managers of many online casinos. Managers are more empowered to solve user problems than support staff. The likelihood of solving a problem increases significantly if you reach the right people. After all, a casino can lose a lot of customers if a complaint spread online.

Final solution to the problem (if the previously listed methods did not help)

The last thing you can do in case none of the above helps is to send a complaint to the authorities that issued the license of the casino in which you’ve played. Information on the license number, as well as the authority that issued it, can be found on a separate corresponding page of the casino or in the footer of the main page. After that, you will need to go to the website of the authority that issued the license and there already contact the authorized employee and tell about the situation.

But there is always one thing! If you played in an online casino that works WITHOUT LICENSE, the solution to your problem will be close to zero. To avoid such embarrassment, always choose a casino from our rating and carefully read the Terms and Agreement of your chosen gaming club!

Stay healthy and have a hassle-free life!