Tricks Used By Online Casinos

Online Casino Secrets Revealed

It might have never crossed your mind but every gambling website uses tricks to engage their clients and make them gamble more often. In a recent interview, a major European casino operator opened up about some curious secrets of the gambling business. We’re sure you’ll find this information interesting and useful!

Small Losses

As odd as it may sound, it’s not in the casino’s interest that its clients lose too often. And it makes total sense if you think about it. If a user depletes their bankroll too fast, they’re unlikely to return to a casino ever again. By losing a client, the casino loses a part of its profits. For a gambler, a casino must be a powerful source of fun, entertainment, and – of course winnings. This is why online casinos do all they can to please their clients and pamper them with payouts. 

This fact is perfectly known not only to casino owners, but also to casino software developers. Software brands develop gaming apps that generate frequent winnings. As for losses, their percentage is kept within reasonable limits. This way, the player’s losses won’t blow a hole in their budget and discourage them from visiting the site again. 

Tax Burden

If you think that an online casino is a fully independent business which is not answerable to anyone, you’re deeply mistaken. Every licensed casino must pay taxes in accordance with its jurisdiction. In fact, taxes make a very important part of running a casino business. As for rogue casinos, those are unlicensed enterprises that operate against the law and therefore are not subject to taxation. 

A successful online casino pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. The total amount of taxes paid by the US casinos last year amounted to 9 bln dollars. This is a huge amount, especially considering that gambling is legalized in few US states and the number of US gambling sites is relatively small. 

This way, gambling is profitable not only for casino owners but also for governments. 

Tricks To Keep A Player Tied To The Casino

The goal of every casino is to spark the gambler’s interest in gambling and get them hooked up. The longer the player spends gambling, the better for the casino. This is why gambling sites set very low betting limits, allowing users to make tiny bets. Bonuses with tough wagering requirements are another trick casinos use to keep the player on the website. Trying to fulfill wagering requirements, the player would spend hours gambling. This is just what the casino needs. Finally, a loyalty program is also aimed at nurturing a strong, long-term relationship with a client. The more money you spend on the site, the more loyalty points you get. 

How Online Casinos Encourage Players To Spend More

One might think that it’s beyond the casino’s power to make the player gamble more. It seems unlikely that someone can force you into spending money on bets unless it’s your own genuine intention. Still, there are some tricks online casinos apply to make users linger on the website. 

Winning Streaks

Winning streaks are a highly effective method that never fails to deliver. When playing slots, you can trigger free spins with unusually high multipliers. This way, the player receives a shower of wins in each spin. Plus, free spins can be retriggered which results in even more profits. Such a lucky streak encourages the player to continue playing. It’s no wonder that every gambler is dreaming of unlocking the Free Spins feature. 

Frequent Winnings

Frequent winnings are a sure way to kindle the gambler’s interest and motivate them to play longer. If the player is triggering win after win, they’re unlikely to be discouraged by a few losses. After tasting the victory, the user will continue making bets, hoping to grab another money prize.  

Frequent winnings create the illusion that you’re landing a win after win, which is not quite true. 

No Clock

If you activate a full-screen mode while gambling, you’ll stop seeing the clock on your desktop. This is a very dangerous thing because you risk losing the sense of time. Without knowing what time it is, you can easily spend the entire day (or night) gambling. The same goes for a live casino. No live dealer will tell you how long you’ve been playing for. 

Visually Attractive Slots

There is a reason why video slots look so striking and inviting. At the same time, the background color of a casino website is usually black. This is done to create a visual contrast with slots. Seeing flashing lights and animated symbols on the reels, the player loses focus and concentration, falling into some kind of trance. Repetitive sounds add to the overall hypnotizing effect.  

Truth be told, not all slot machines have a screaming design. There are plenty of games without twinkling lights or distracting music. Also, if you wish to fully concentrate on the game, you can disable the sounds in one click.

Hope To Win Big

Slots with progressive jackpots are the cornerstone of online casino popularity. Sitting in front of a slot, every user hopes that the next spin will bring them the coveted multi-million prize. This dream urges you make a spin, after spin, after spin, gambling away your bankroll in minutes.