How To Release A Sign-Up Bonus In An Online Casino

Sign-Up Bonus And How To Release It Playing Roulette

A sign-up, aka welcome, bonus is the most generous money gift that you can find on gambling websites. This is how a casino entices new users to register an account and try out new games. However, a welcome bonus has a dark side to it. Among all existing bonuses, it’s the hardest one to release. The good news is that you can cash it out faster if you play roulette. Read on to find out more!

High Wagers

Let’s start with a piece of bitter truth. No casino wants its clients to release their bonuses. To prevent this, gambling sites attach wagering requirements to the bonuses they give to players. 

Wagering requirements are, in fact, a multiplier. It indicates the amount of money you need to wager before you’re allowed to withdraw your bonus from a casino system. For example, x30 wagering requirements mean that you need to play through your bonus 30 times before you can place a withdrawal request. 

Casinos tend to have very tough wagering requirements, which makes it almost impossible to release a bonus in full.   

Why Roulette?

If you try to meet the wagering requirements on slots, you’re likely to fail. The reason is very simple. While having high RTP rates, slots are a completely unpredictable category of games. Trying to fulfill the wagering requirements faster, you’ll probably start making large bets. The problem is that high bets are a big no-no when it comes to slots. One losing spin may breach a big hole in your bankroll. 

If you want to meet your wagering requirements in the most hassle-free way, you should choose roulette. However, this doesn’t mean that you can place any types of bets. Stick with low-risk bets, such as Red/Black, High/Low, and Even/Odd. Our advice is to pick French or European roulette. These two variations have higher winning chances for a player than American roulette. 

In roulette – like in slots – your performance depends purely on luck. You can play it safe and stick with small bets. If, however, risk is your element, you can try and place a few large bets. If you’re lucky, you’ll come closer to achieving your goal!

Of course, you stand a risk of losing at roulette as well. However, compared to one-armed bandits, roulette offers better winning odds. By placing even-money bets, you stand a good chance of meeting the wagering requirements and locking in a good profit. It’s like killing two birds with one stone! 

If you hit a losing streak, you risk blowing away your bankroll (or a big part of it) but you’re still very likely to fulfill the wagering requirements.

The bad news is that online casinos know that gamblers pick roulette far too often. This is why some gambling sites remove roulette from the list of the games which are eligible for meeting the wagering requirements.

How To Beat An Online Roulette Using Smart Software: Myths And Reality

It’s too tempting to think that there is a logic behind a game of roulette. As much as we hate to break it to you, a roulette ball doesn’t follow any pattern whatsoever.  

Nevertheless, many gambling pros have been scratching their heads over how to beat a casino at roulette. They’ve been coming with elegant strategies and systems that were supposed to break the vicious circle and provide a player with guaranteed winnings. Despite all hopes, none of the strategies has lived up to the expectations of its inventor.  

Once roulette became available on gambling websites, gamblers started to look for the ways to increase their profits. This is how the analytical software came into existence.  

Roulette Analyzers

Roulette analyzer is a software application that you can install on your computer. Its main goal is to collect statistics while you’re playing a game of roulette online.

The program records the outcome of each spin. Based on the obtained information, it calculates your winning chances in the next spin. To determine the odds, the app needs to know the outcomes of at least 10 spins. 

If, say, you bet on Black 10 times in a row and none of your bets won, the analyzer will show 100% odds of a black number winning in the next spin. 

While this may sound like a reasonable forecast, there is still no guarantee that the ball will actually hit a black sector. Of course, you can take a risk and follow the tip given to you by the app. But you should be prepared that you may lose.  

The main problem about roulette analyzers is that they rely on a small number of roulette spins. For an accurate forecast, you need to make thousands of bets. At the same time, even that wouldn’t save you from losses. 

As you can see, analyzers aren’t using complex algorithms or formulas. In addition to analyzers, there are automatic bots that make bets instead of a player. You should avoid such programs if you can. It’s always better to have control over how much you’re spending on bets and manage your losses as you go.