What Is The Safest Online Casino?

Online Casino Safety And What Factors Make A Reliable Casino

Safety is one of the fundamental criteria used when choosing a casino. Such characeristics as safety and integrity are way more important than payouts, jackpots, or bonuses. If a casino can’t ensure safe and transparent play, it’s a major deal breaker. No user in their sane mind would trust their personal data and money to such a website. Let’s talk about what factors make a reliable casino and things you should pay attention to before registration.   

Risks For Gamblers

By signing up with an unlicensed casino, you’re putting your privacy at risk. Your personal data, including your full name, address, and payment card information, are likely to get leaked to third parties. 

Another risk has to do with your winnings. If a casino is not regulated by gambling authorities, nothing stops it from refusing to pay out your winnings. In a situation like this, the player doesn’t have the leverage to make the casino pay out the money.

And last but not least threat regards unfair play. A casino may change the slot settings to increase its advantage over players. As a result, you’ll be losing all the time (and probably blaming it on your bad luck!) 


Each online casino must have a gambling license from the state where it’s providing its services. Casinos are not allowed to operate without a license. If a gambling website lacks all the required licenses and certifications, chances are it’s a rogue site waiting to relieve you of your purse.

If a casino license was issued in one of the offshore zones, you should probably look for another site. The thing with offshore licenses is that they don’t guarantee anything.

A dispute between the casino and the player is likely to be resolved in the favor of the latter. The same applies to European casinos, even reliable ones. To target gamblers living in a certain US state, a European casino must obtain the license of that state. There is no bypassing this regulation. 

Manufacturing Companies

As you probably know, casinos have nothing to do with gaming software development. Slots, roulette, and other gambling games are produced by dedicated companies. Just like casinos, software manufacturers must obtain licenses and comply with the standards applied in their field. This is done to ensure that all casino games are fair. 

The major software brands include such giants as Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, RTG, and a few others. Each of these brands boasts a huge portfolio with hundreds of game titles. Big companies have the resources to create high-quality games with advanced features and flawless graphics.  

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For a renowned software producer, its good name is everything. This is why it would never work with an unlicensed online casino. If a gambling website displays the logo of one or more software companies, it’s proof enough that the casino is to be trusted.

Auditing Companies

Along with the official regulatory bodies, casinos are also monitored and audited by independent companies, such as eCOGRA, Gaming Associated Pty Ltd, ТСТ, and others. If a casino is certified by an authoritative auditing company (e.g., has the eCOGRA Safe and Fair seal), you have nothing to worry about. Go ahead and register with this website.