Responsible Gambling: Don’ts In Online Casinos

What Is Responsible Gambling And How To Gamble In The Right Way

Online casinos don’t limit your choice of locations and devices for gambling. However, this doesn’t mean that you can gamble however and wherever you like.

Don’t Play On Other People’s Computers

You should drop the habit of gambling on other people’s devices, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s doesn’t matter whose device it is – your friend’s or colleague’s. Better to play it safe and avoid third-party devices. Follow this rule: either you’re gambling on your personal desktop or smartphone, or you’re not gambling at all.

There is a real possibility that third parties may access your personal data, and the consequences of that are always nasty. 

Don’t Gamble At Work Or Internet Cafés

The same rule must be applied when it comes to a location where’re playing casino games. Gambling at your workplace is out of question. First, you may get in trouble with your boss. Second, you can’t be sure that one of your not particularly honest co-workers decides to play for real money from your account. 

If you feel like gambling, an Internet café is another place to avoid. Computers at an Internet café are used by dozens of people on a daily basis. There is a high chance that someone may try to steal your password and other sensitive data. Keep in mind that a professional hacker can extract your personal information even if you logged out of your casino account. 

Get Your Desktop Or Mobile Device Ready

Before starting a casino game, make sure your PC has an antivirus and firewall installed on it. The good news is that the latest versions of Windows OS come with an in-built antivirus and firewall. You only need to make sure your protection software is up and running. 

If you prefer to make bets from your smartphone, you need to set up a password or enable a fingerprint scanner. Both methods are highly effective and ensure the required level of safety. If your device gets into the hands of swindlers, at least they won’t be able to get access to your data. 

The guidelines listed above are not so hard to follow, right? Although some of these rules may seem “too much” to you, they’re still worth sticking to. When it comes to online safety, it’s better to overdo it. And remember this: if you lost access to your account, the first thing to do is to contact the casino user support and ask them to block it. 

Responsible Gambling Explained

Gambling addiction is a serious obstacle that may come between you and casino games. It has the power to turn gambling into an unhealthy obsession. 

If you’ve never heard the term “ludomania” before, congratulations. This means that you have never had to face gambling addiction. Unfortunately, not all gamblers get to be so lucky. 

Ludomania is a rather common psychological disorder which, if unchecked, may ruin a person’s life. In terms of seriousness, it can be compared to alcohol or drug addiction. Considering the fact that good experts on this problem are very few, ludomania can cause lots of trouble not only to the affected person, but also to his or her family and friends. 

How Do You Know That You May Have A Gambling Addiction?

A person suffering from gambling addiction fills all their free time with gambling. It’s not uncommon that the affected people even quit their jobs to devote all their time to gambling. Once a gambling addict runs out of money, they start to lend money from their friends. Some people go as far as committing a crime in order to procure funds for gambling. 

But the worst thing about this all is that a gambler fails to realize that they’ve gone too far with their gambling passion.  

If ludomania strikes a lonely person with no family or friends, it’s even worse. Such a person has no one who could give them a hand. 

Gambling addiction poses a big threat to children and teenagers as well. If you’re a parent, you must be on your guard and keep track of what your kid is doing on the web.

For a common person, gambling addiction is very tricky to identify. If, for example, your brother likes to embark on three-hour gambling sessions, you can’t be sure whether it’s a sign of developing ludomania or just an innocent way to relax after a particularly busy day.  

What To Do To Avoid Ludomania

The best you can do is to be more observant of those of your family members and friends who have a penchant for gambling. What may seem as an innocent pastime may grow into a disaster. 

If you’re starting to see that casino games are taking more and more of your time, it’s a sure sign that something is not right. Put gambling on pause and consult a therapist.   

If you find it hard to close the casino site and gambling stopped being a pleasure, chances are that you’re developing a gambling addiction. The faster you identify and admit that the problem exists, the easier it will be to get rid of it. 

Wrapping it up, we’d like to urge to be extremely careful. Analyze your gambling behavior and monitor your emotional state. If you’re experiencing at least one of the symptoms we’ve addressed earlier, you should get concerned.  By downplaying the danger of ludomania, you’ll be only making it worse.