Why Casino Registration Is The Most Crucial Part Of Real-Money Gambling

Why you can’t play for real money without a registered account

To be able to make real-money wagers, you need to register a new account with the online casino of your choice. If you think that registration is only about setting a login and password, you’re wrong. A reliable casino asks a new user to submit their full name, address of residence, email address, and even provide a copy of passport or ID. Why does a casino need all this information about the player and how is it using it? We’ve found an easy way to explain that to you!

Casinos Against Money Laundering

A detailed registration form is one of the ways to fight criminals involved in money laundering. Earlier, gambling sites had often found themselves dragged into suspicious money transfers. Criminals had used online casinos as platforms for their illegal transactions. To keep criminals at bay, online casinos came up with an extended registration form that required a new user to submit exhaustive information about themselves.  

By the way, these new requirements were invented by regulatory gambling authorities, and not by casinos, as many might think. 

No Gambling For Underage Users

If you don’t look your age, you should be prepared that a security guy in a land-based casino may ask to see your ID. This is how brick-and-mortar filter off underage clients.  For obvious reasons, online casinos can’t do the same. Instead, gambling sites ask their new users to submit a copy of their identity document to confirm their age.  Some casinos also ask you to confirm your address, so don’t be surprised if you see this requirement as well. 

It’s a known fact that underage users are not allowed to gamble for real money.  Regulatory bodies are very vigilant about casinos respecting that rule. An online casino risks getting a huge fine for ignoring the ban. 

Loyalty Program

Online casinos also benefit from getting extra information about their clients.  Major gambling sites have strong marketing teams that split casino clients into groups, tracks their gambling preferences, and come up with engaging contests and special offers to boost user involvement. Also, a casino may use a player’s contact information (email, phone number, etc.) to inform clients about current promotions, new products, etc. It’s an effective way to keep players pumped up and motivated. Of course, you can opt out of receiving casino newsletters at any time. 

How To Top Up Your Online Casino Account

Now let’s touch upon the money issue. It’s your single-handed responsibility as a novice gambler to educate yourself on how deposits and withdrawals in online casinos work. A big selection of payment methods is a sure sign of a trustworthy gambling site that cares about its clients’ comfort. Also, a client must have the opportunity to create a casino account in their currency of choice, whether it’s euro, dollar, or any other currency.

While exploring a long list of slot titles is very exciting, you should also visit the “Checkout” section. The more payment options you have, the better. Although most casino clients end up using one or two popular methods, it’s crucial to have a choice. If you’ve run out of money on your MasterCard, it’s nice to have the opportunity to use your e-wallet (or any other method) to make a deposit or withdrawal. 

When choosing a payment system, pick the one which suits you the most. You don’t have to guess which payment system is safe and which one is not. Every major online casino prioritizes safety of online transactions. If something goes south, it may ruin the casino reputation. Knowing that, gambling sites use brand-new technologies to protect your personal data on the web. 

More important tips to come. Bear with us! Each payment system charges a commission on payments. Most of the time, casinos provide this information on their sites. If not, you can visit the official website of the payment system and see what they charge for different types of transactions. The good news is that some services don’t charge a commission at all.   

An online casino can also charge a commission on your deposit and withdrawal transactions. Be sure to clear up this issue beforehand. If your selected gambling website charges a commission and there is no way to avoid it, try to make as few deposits as possible. For example, you can make one large deposit that will suffice for several months. 

Another thing to look out for is how fast your selected service can process your payment. If you’re making a deposit, the money is likely to arrive almost instantly. When it comes to withdrawals, it gets trickier. It’s not unheard of that users wait up to 3 business days to receive their winnings. It’s usually the first withdrawal that takes the longest to process. Subsequent withdrawal requests tend to go more smoothly.   

In some casinos, you’re only allowed to cash out your winning to the same system that you used for depositing money. There are gamblers who consider this condition extremely inconvenient.  Anyway, you should find out whether your selected casino uses this limitation as well.