Casino Refuses to Pay Out My Winnings: What Do I Do?

What Can You Do If Casino Refuses to Pay Your Winning Money

The situation when an online casino refuses to pay out winnings to its clients is not as uncommon as you might think. If gambling in your country is officially banned, you can’t count on any protection from regulatory authorities or other organizations. Since the gambling market is technically unregulated, players act at their own risk. They realize that no one will be able to help them to settle a dispute, if one should arise.

This doesn’t mean that all casinos deceive their clients. Luckily, there is no lack of integral casino operators that play fair and have a flawless reputation. However, there is always a risk of coming across a rogue casino. Our goal is help you avoid that. As a gambler, you can do a lot to ensure your own safety and peace of mind.

Only Trust Reliable Casinos

Rule No.1 is to choose a trusted, solid online casino that operates under a license and has certifications from independent auditing organizations. Established casinos mostly have glowing reviews from gamblers. Ideally, you should stick with European casino operators since the EU is known for its rigid gambling laws and standards.

If your selected casino fits this description, you have nothing to worry about – on the premise that you’re not violating the user agreement.

Never Break The Rules

The most reckless thing a gambler can do is to violate the rules applied in an online casino. In the worst-case scenario (e.g. if you submit someone else’s personal data during registration), you risk getting a lifetime ban, i.e. you won’t be able to gamble on the casino site ever again. Note that underage users are not allowed to gamble at all. We also warn you against trying to hack into slots and other games with the intention to change their setting in your favor. If you’re caught (which is the most likely scenario), a casino might even take you to court. Casinos take such security threats very seriously. Insulting casino employees or other players is also a taboo. The fact that you’re playing online and no one can see you doesn’t give you the right to act rude.

But what do you do if you’re an exemplary player but a casino refuses to pay out your winnings all the same?

Contact Customer Support

The first step is to contact the casino’s customer support to clear up the situation. After all, there might be a technical failure that prevents your withdrawal request from being processed. If, after waiting a reasonable amount of time, you haven’t received a response, you can start worrying. Now it’s time to take action.

Raise Awareness

As the last resort, write another email to the casino. Warn them that you’re going to shed light on this story on all major gambling forums and blogs, as well as file in complaints with regulatory authorities and software producers. Saying that you’re about to contact the law enforcement agencies can work as well. Even if these measures fail to have the desired impact, it’s your responsibility as a player to tell other gamblers about the rogue casino.