Real-Money Gambling For Rookies

How to start making real-money bets with as little risk as possible

Okay, so you’ve tested slots in demo mode, picked your favorite games, and got acquainted with the rules. It means that you’re ready to play for real money. 

A crucial thing to remember is that losing is an organic part of real-money gambling. The question is: how do you minimize your losses? Is it possible to enjoy real-money gambling without being paralyzed with fear of gambling away all your money? Let’s try to find out how to reduce the damage to your bankroll.

Minimum Bets In Online Casinos

A surefire way to keep your bankroll safe is to stick with minimum bets. Luckily for frugal gamblers, online casinos have amazingly low betting limits. In some games, bets start from as low as $0.01 or $0.05. By making minimum bets, you’ll be able to keep your bankroll going for days and weeks!

Tips For Beginners

Also, pay attention to your game settings. For example, when playing slot machines, you can only wager on one payline. To increase your winning chances, you need to activate all paylines. However, the size of your total bet will increase as well. 

If you’re a fan of blackjack, we advise you against buying an insurance against the Dealer’s blackjack. It’s a known fact that purchasing an insurance in blackjack is a waste of money. It’s not worth it! Our advice is to follow the optimal blackjack strategy. This is the only way to boost your chances to hit a good payout.

Roulette has a big variety of bets. Each type of bet comes with different winning odds. If risk is your element, you should wager on single numbers. This type of bet is called Straight bet and provides a player with the highest reward. If, however, you prefer to keep away from unnecessary risks, even money bets are your best choice.   

Optimal Bankroll 

There is an opinion that the optimal bankroll is the one that covers 100-200 bets (or more). Based on the size of your optimal bet, you’ll be able to determine how much money you need to have on your casino account. If you decide to stick with minimum bets, you can settle for a smaller bankroll.

At the same time, big deposits have their advantages. The bigger your deposit, you more bonus money you can count on. As you know, bonuses give you more opportunities to make money on slots and other games. 

Payout Rate: Why Is It So Important?

Online casinos are unwilling to reveal their profits. One of the possible reasons behind such a secretive behavior is that they don’t want to upset and discourage gamblers. Since every casino games incorporates a house edge, gambling sites must be making crazy money!  

Payout rate is one of the quantitative parameters that allows you to assess how “greedy” a casino is in each particular game. 

What A Payout Rate Can Tell You

Payout rate shows what percentage of the money spent on bets gamblers get back in the form of winnings. Most of the time, this parameter applies for a specific period, e.g. a month. It’s an average value that characterizes the general picture in the long run, and not the results of each individual session. In other words, you may get back more or less money than stated by the payout rate. 

What Payout Rate Is Considered High?

The higher the payout rate, the more winnings you’ll be getting. In theory, it can reach 100%, i.e. when a player wins back all the money they’ve spent. Some games even have a payout rate that goes beyond 100%, i.e. when a player has an edge over a casino. Such games are extremely hard to find, though. 

Most of the time, a payout rate ranges between 97% and 99%. This is a pretty high value, and you should be happy if you manage to find a game as generous as that. At the same time, you shouldn’t discard games with a 95-97% rate because they’re a good choice too.

If, however, the payout rate is under 95%, this means that a casino is trying to maximize its profits at a player’s expense. In this case, you should better search for another gaming app that will offer more player-friendly conditions. 

Payout Rate In Different Online Casino Games

Among respectable online casino, it’s considered a good practice to reveal average payout rates for each category of games, including roulette, blackjack, video poker, slots, and so on. Slots and video poker games are known for having the highest return-to-player rates. However, a payout rate is not the only factor that influences your earnings. It’s also your choices as a gambler that matter. If you’re neglecting to use the optimal strategy in, say, video poker, your winnings will be lower than expected.