1-Hour Casino Bonuses. Pros And Cons Of Casino Bonuses

1 Hour Casino Bonus From Microgaming. Pros And Cons Of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are a relatively new invention. The Microgaming company was the first to introduce bonuses for players. Later, the idea was borrowed by many casino operators. The best thing about some types of bonuses is that the player doesn’t need to make a deposit in order to get a money gift.  

How 1 Hour Bonuses Work

Upon registration, a new client gets a certain number of bonus chips. Most of the time, the player can use the chips on slots, but some casinos expand the list of eligible games.  

Free chips are only valid within an hour. Keep in mind that you can’t split this hour into smaller periods. Once you’ve used your first chip, you have exactly 60 minutes to use the remaining ones until they burn.  

How Much Money You Can Make On Casino Bonuses

Let’s say, the player got 3,000 free chips. If in an hour the player already has 3,600 chips in his balance, 600 chips are deposited to his account. 

If the player’s balance goes under 3,000 chips, he wins nothing. On the brighter side, the player doesn’t lose anything either. This is one of the reasons why players have a weak spot for 1 hour bonuses. 

What You Can Do With Your Winnings

To activate a 1-hour bonus, you don’t need to credit your account. But here comes the tricky part. If you want to use the winnings you’ve made using your bonus, you’ll have to make a deposit, even a small one. 

Before accepting free chips, take the time to read the bonus terms. This is a detailed document where the casino outlines how each type of bonus works and the ways in which you can benefit from it.  

At the same time, the gambling site can’t make you credit your account. If you have no intention of continuing to gamble, feel free to ignore the casino’s requirements.  

If you see that your winnings are large and it would be a pity to lose the money, you can make a deposit and retrieve your profits. 

Most of the time, the obstacles don’t end here. You’ll probably have to fulfill wagering requirements as well. On the brighter side, 1 hour bonuses have milder wagering requirements than deposit bonuses.

If you’ve been lucky to win a big amount of money, you’re likely to only get a part of your win, e.g. $100-500. Be realistic and forget about sky-high profits. For more information, read the terms on your gambling website. 

Despite multiple limitations, 1 hour bonuses are great at attracting gamblers. Such rewards give you the opportunity to enjoy 60 minutes of gambling. As to whether or not make a deposit, the call is yours.  

Casino Bonuses: Pros And Cons

Casino bonuses attract players like a magnet. When hearing the word “bonus”, one automatically thinks about a nice gift which is provided free of charge. However, in the world of gambling, bonuses are not always what they seem. Let’s break it down for you. 

Large Casino Bonuses

The common condition for receiving a bonus is making your first deposit. In some casinos, bonus programs cover the first 2-3 or even 5 deposits. 

You can count on an extra money prize of up to $1,000. But don’t even dream of cashing out this bonus instantly. To activate the bonus, you first need to fulfill certain conditions. 

We’ve come to the biggest downside of all welcome bonuses. Since such gifts come with tough wagering requirements, many gamblers fail to release them. As a result, a bonus brings zero benefit, remaining just a beautiful number on your balance.  

Here goes the rule you need to remember. The bigger the bonus, the trickier it’s to withdraw. When accepting a welcome (signup) bonus, keep in mind that releasing it will take plenty of money and time. You need to decide whether you’re ready for such a challenge. 

Small Casino Bonuses

In addition to deposit-based gifts, gambling sites offer another type of bonuses that don’t require you to credit your account. Another good thing is that no-deposit money gifts come with lighter wagering requirements.  

Despite all these advantages, you can hardly call a no-deposit bonus a perfect option for the player. The first downside has to do with the size of a money reward. A no-deposit bonus rarely exceeds $10. While this amount may be enough for a few dozens of minimum bets, you’ll deplete it pretty fast.   

Another drawback has to do with winnings. If you manage to make some profits using your no-deposit bonus, you’ll have a hard time trying to cash out your earnings. Before you’re allowed to manage your profits, you’ll have to make a deposit or/and meet certain wagering requirements. 

All this means that no-deposit money rewards are not free in the true sense of the word. To be able to use these rewards, you’ll have to spend your own money anyway. However, like we’ve said earlier, no-deposit rewards are easier to withdraw than the deposit-based ones.

At the same time, no-deposit bonuses allow players to play slot machine for real money without actually risking their own bankroll. We think that this benefit overweighs the drawbacks of this cash prize.