Progressive Jackpots In Online Casino

Progressive Jackpots In Online Casinos: From A to Z

A progressive jackpot is a clever tool in the hands of online casinos. It attracts gamblers like nothing else! The more money is at stake, the more players will be joining the game in the hopes to become an overnight millionaire. And who can blame them? It’s really hard not to cave in to temptation!

Progressive Jackpots In Slots

Can you imagine a gambling site without slots? Neither can we! It’s safe to say that slots are the most recognizable symbol of online gambling. One-armed bandits enjoy so much love that if one removed all games from casinos and only leave slots, no one would notice! (Well, we’re slightly exaggerating here but still!) 

It’s no wonder that slots have the juiciest progressive jackpots. Unlike a regular jackpot, a progressive jackpot is growing by day, inflating like an air balloon. The money prize is increasing until it’s hit by some lucky player (and it can be anyone!)

Sometimes, there are slots by the same software brand that get linked into a progressive jackpot network. Sometimes, a network is built from slots by different manufacturers that are available across several casinos. The money prize can become really huge. The history of online gambling knows cases when gamblers hit 20-million-dollar prizes.   

Progressive Jackpots In Roulette

Although roulette rarely has a progressive jackpot, you can still find this rare roulette variation in some online casinos – if you look carefully! 

To compete for a jackpot, you don’t need to do anything special. Any bet of any size is eligible for winning a jackpot. However, sometimes only some types of bets can make you the lucky owner of a mind-blowing reward.

The bad news is that roulette almost never has massive progressive jackpots. And it’s hardly surprising because roulette can’t keep up with slots in terms of popularity.

Online Casino Jackpots In Blackjack

If you’re looking for blackjack tables with a progressive jackpot, you should visit large online casinos that have multiple blackjack variations. 

To have a real chance to grab a jackpot, you need to collect a blackjack or make high bets. Sometimes, it’s only a 777 blackjack that triggers the maximum reward. Anyway, be sure to read the rules before embarking on your jackpot hunt! 

Progressive Jackpots In Online Casinos

If online casinos didn’t have progressive jackpots, what would gamblers do? This money prize is the second-most-important factor that influences a gambler’s decision to register with an online casino and start gambling for real! In this regard, progressive jackpots only overpowered by welcome bonuses.  

The best thing about a progressive reward is that it’s constantly growing. In fact, this is why it’s called “progressive”! Hundreds of slots get linked into one large network. A tiny part of each bet made on each of these slots is automatically sent into the shared pool. Each new wager makes the prize bigger.  

There is a particular category of gamblers for whom hunting progressive jackpots has become the sole purpose of gambling. Chasing a 7-digit prize becomes their only goal and obsession. Since a jackpot can grow into millions, it doesn’t take much to understand a dedication like that. If you trigger a seven-digit money reward, you won’t have to work for the rest of your life. 

The most straightforward way to find a progressive jackpot is to play slots. While small casinos can’t afford to have more than 1 or 2 progressive jackpots, big-name websites tend to offer up to a dozen possibilities to hit the big prize. 

The biggest jackpots are found on slots manufactured by Microgaming, NetEnt, and other software giants.  Usually, a software company picks a popular slot title found across multiple online casinos and organizes a dedicated jackpot pool for it. Every user who makes a bet on the selected slot in any casino gets a chance to hit the maximum reward. 

Since gamblers love to play slots, a progressive prize can reach an astronomical amount. To hit the coveted prize, you need to land a specific combination of symbols.

Most of the time, the software brand doesn’t reveal the combination that activates the jackpot. This is done to prevent players from trying to hack a slot. The only (honest) way to boost your winning odds is to make more bets of the maximum size.

Although in theory, a progressive prize can grow endlessly, we haven’t heard of that happening. Sooner or later, a lucky player triggers the prize, and a new jackpot starts accumulating from scratch.