How to win in casino online, practical advices for 2019

Playing in online casino - advices for 2019

The fact is that almost anyone who has ever tried his luck in gambling, thought about how to win at the casino. Yes, there are people who play solely in order to relax and enjoy the game, but they are a minority. The game of money causes a particularly great desire in a person to get rich on it. Let's try to understand how to win in online casino by answering the question of whether it is possible to win and earn in a casino for a long time, and not from time to time.

Immediately I would like to note that all the material will relate exclusively to those casinos that can be called honest (see how to check the integrity of online casinos) - that is, real establishments, as well as online casinos where there is no specially crafted software. It is clear that winning at a casino, whose software is obviously designed to lose the player, is all the more unrealistic.

Can you beat the casino

There is no strategy that would consistently allow you to beat and make money in online casinos. If there were such strategies, then mathematicians would have made a fortune a long time ago, and the casinos would go bankrupt. Whatever one may say, and on a long distance the casino will still take all your balance, because the expectation is on their side. The maximum percentage return in slot machines is 95% .. 98%. So, in any case, slowly but surely, the player’s balance will decline over a long distance in the event of equal bets.

If there is someone who are trying to sell a win-win strategy to you - they are 100% scammers.

About casino's software "bugs"

Bugs in online casinos are really possible, but this is a huge rarity. Any gaming machine or program before getting into real game conditions passes a lot of tests. Even if there is a bug, then it is immediately fixed. In the case of very large bugs (for example, if you were able to raise a lot of money on the software error, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars), then the casino simply cancels the winnings (well not all of the casinos may cancel it, stick to the casino terms and rules - it may help you to get your money even if it was an error in a software).

So even if someone found a bug and sells it, then having bought the manual for this bug, most likely, either this bug has already been fixed, or you still will not be allowed to profit from it. And why should someone who found a working bug sell it? You can earn money yourself.

7 Practical advices for those who want to earn at the casino

It must be understood that making money even in gambling is a difficult task. The greatest difficulty that everyone faces is the ability to clearly control oneself and one's actions, no matter what. If you think that this is a trifle, then this is the most important rule - DISCIPLINE.

To win money and go in the black from the casino you need discipline!

1 Fair casino
Play only in proven online casinos in which you obviously will not be deceived. There is at least 30 of such casinos in the net. For example, we can recommend casinos from our trusted casino list.

2 Playing with large deposits
There is no point in gambling for small sums. For example, you with $5 - won $10. Will you be satisfied? Can you dwell on what you raised during the evening? Most likely, no, rather than yes. You want more, while forgetting that the expectation is on the side of the casino, which means that the more time you spend at the gaming table, the more chances you have to lose your money.

Hence the conclusion: play with a fairly large amount of money. So you can be satisfied with your profit. For everyone, the concept of  "a lot of money" is different, so I see no reason to give specific numbers. Decide for yourself how much you need to deposit into your account.

3 Understanding when it's time to say enough
The mistake of many - greed. You simply can't say enough in right time. Having won a lot of money, it seems that you will be able to win a lot more and after that you may go home. But I am sure that this thought is a deceiver of yourself. Having won more, you will still sit and play. That is why I wrote above that discipline is needed.

4 Be careful with bonuses
"Free cheese is only in a mousetrap" - everyone remembers this saying. The same goes for the casino. Any bonuses are given on casino terms. Naturally, the casino comes up with such conditions so that you safely merge all the bonus and your funds. Therefore, in your right mind, decide how important it is to take a bonus if you need to win back and make bets of certain sizes.

For example, a bonus and a condition are often given that putting at roulette and blackjack requires at least 10% of its amount. In this case, the chances of success will be very small.

5 Play for extra money only

Extra money, of course, does not happen to anyone. But to play for money you cherish very much is absolutely wrong. Casino is not a place where you can get money with a guarantee. Play only for money, which is not a pity to lose.

6 Test all ideas and strategies with a demo
Try to play the demo before playing for real money. Often, the seemingly win-win strategy turns out to be not so profitable in real life due to some shortcomings. Any casino gives you opportunity to play a demo of any game for free, so take advantage of this opportunity.

7 No need to recoup
If you see that you begun to lose hard, finish the game. Attempting to recoup never leads to anything good. It always ends sadly - you lose the last money, and then you think that you are not lucky, that you have been deceived. In a casino it is necessary to think sensibly If you lose, then this is only your fault, not the casino. So you have badly calculated your opportunities, your chances for success and in general, you came to the casino by your own will.

Be careful!
The casino will use all possible tricks and opportunities to suck your money. The mathematical expectation of any game is on their side, so even if you beat them for a certain period of time, their goal is to get your money in the end. After all, math can not be fooled. All the same, sooner or later you will lose everything to them.

Excitement and gambling is very dangerous. It's strongly kills self-discipline and only a few can win at the casino.

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