Possible payout problems in online casinos and their solution

Are payout problems possible in online casinos?


  1. What to do if there are problems with payments
  2. Customer mostly right, but not always
  3. What to do if the casino does not pay money
  4. Broken bonus policy
  5. Problems with account verification and identity verification
  6. Refusal to pay without explanation
  7. Where to play without a problems

Can the casino refuse to pay the player his earned money? Of course! Such cases have happened and they are not uncommon. We talk so calmly about this, because we are sure that there are no such casinos among the ones presented on our website. A serious casino will never “scum” players. Rather, on the contrary - because of the huge competition, gambling portals compete for each client, lure them with all sorts of bonuses and try to create a good reputation for themselves. So well-proven gaming sites have no reason to lose their place in the ranking.

After all, rumors of the casino problems are spreading very quickly. If a casino is noticed in frauds, it will quickly lose trust and customers. The list of online casinos without any problems in terms of money payments (even very large sums) can be found on almost any page of our website. You can also read reviews of each casino presented on our website.

What to do if there are problems with payments?

For small online casinos, paying large amounts of money is a really big problem. Some casino games can give you a big win in amount of 1000-10000 of your initial bets. And when it happens - you may regret about choosing "unknown" casino operator. Below you can find key aspects which which you should stick to.

Customer mostly right, but not always

The casino may still refuse to pay out the client. And it will definitely be right. Always read the agreement carefully. Yes, “many letters”, but spend 10 minutes of your precious time and read it from beginning to end. If you neglect this, then you can spend much more, seeking the truth, which was originally not on your side. So you can be completely disappointed with the chosen casino. And the thing is that you have not fulfilled its conditions. For example, overestimated age. Remember that in most cases you need to be at least 18 years old to gamble (in some countries you need to be 21 years old). Therefore, if you deceived the institution, it is not obliged to pay you anything.

Do not lie

You should complete all the registration forms with true information only, deception will be revealed when you want to withdraw money from the game account (during this stage you'll need to provide documents (your ID) to casino, so they could verify it with the information you have wrote in the registration form). You will be asked to send a scan of your passport or drivers license in order to compare data. They want to make sure that you are not a fraudster, and they transfer money to the real account owner. Often, the security service asks players to take pictures with a passport. If at registration you distort the data, you can say goodbye to your winnings immediately. Consider one more thing: the casino has no business who replenishes the account and, as a rule, does not ask for documents at the first deposit. But when you withdraw money, they will take an interest in your personality. Please note that the winnings are credited to the same account from which the deposit was made. Otherwise, the casino has the right to refuse to pay the prize money.

Do not make troubles for yourself

Another reason for refusing to pay your winnings is that your country was not on the registration form, and you, of course, as the most "cleaver", chose the other country from the list. Or they have restrictions for your country's IP, and you, having shown sharpness of your mind, used a special program to replace IP (any VPN software should not be used during visit of the online casino). The casino security service will appreciate your resourcefulness and will ban you without the right to play and withdraw money. You cheated the casino if you went against its rules. So now owners of the casino has the right to do with your account anything they want. Even if you are not banned, it will still be impossible to withdraw money - the gaming site simply does not work with banks and payment systems in your country. So do not be fooled by the casino, carefully read the user agreement and slowly fill out the registration form.

What to do if the casino does not pay money

Unfortunately, not all operators value their own reputation and often violate the rules themselves. What should a player do when the casino does not pay money? Now we will tell you everything on specific examples.

  • The first thing you need to do (if you are registered through our affiliate links) is to contact us via contact form or email in contacts and explain the situation: why the casino does not want to pay, what amount is stuck on the account and what reason operator indicates to justify their actions. It is important to specify the name of the casino, your login and make a request from the mailbox from which the account was registered. Then our representatives will deal with the problem.

Broken bonus policy:

If online casino refers to a violation of one of the rules for using bonuses, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Open the rules of this operator (terms and conditions) and find the point of the rules referenced by the online casino. In this case, you need to pay attention to the date of the last change of the rules. Usually it is listed at the top (right) or at the bottom of the rules page.
  2. If the clause of the rules was indeed violated (for example, you played with a bet higher than the allowable one or played excluded games), then it is useless to complain about the operator.
  3. If you systematically lost money during the year, and now have ordered a payment of 5% of the amount lost and the casino really values its reputation (and you as a player), you should write them like this: "I am a loyal player and have been playing with you for over a year. Due to my carelessness, I didn’t notice the clause of the rules prohibiting betting more than X (or didn’t know that the wagering of the bonus is prohibited in "names of the games"). Please forgive me my misunderstanding, hope we can find beneficial solution for both sides. Otherwise, block my account forever." Often this approach bears fruit if the disputed amount is not huge.

Problems with account verification and identity verification:

Sometimes the operator refers to the inadequate quality of the photographs of your documents, references or something similar. Most likely, the casino simply does not want to pay the money you've won and clings to the formal verification rules, which is time-consuming. You need to do the following:

If the amount of the payment is large, the final argument may be notarized copies of documents. If you do not have a certificate from the utilities to confirm the address, you can send a certificate from the bank. Your certificate must contain your full name and address.

Points which refer to the paragraph of the rules on the refusal to pay without explanation:

In some cases, the casino refers to the following right: refuse to pay any client without giving reasons. This point of the rules requires detailed comments. If you received such a letter and did not violate the casino rules, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Send an email to operator with your login and a description of the problem. It is better if a screenshot of the received letter from the gambling establishment is made and attached to email.
  2. It is worth answering the letter with polite threats of giving this case to the public on major sites and forums. If they are really wrong and value their reputation, it can work.
  3. Otherwise, continue to press on them: say that you will apply to the gambling commission. If online casino belongs to a group of companies, it is better to inform its management (Everymatrix, etc.).

Where to play without a problems

Imagine, you play in the online casino, win 30000 USD and order them for withdrawal. You are asked to send documents and verify the account. This whole procedure can take up to three days. And at any time you can cancel the payment and continue the game. But you may lose the amount scheduled for withdrawal.

Only unscrupulous casinos that do not value their players use this technique. Large and reliable operators apply transaction of money immediately and allow you to block your account before the actual payment, or to put Lock (inability to cancel) on the withdrawal. You can choose reliable online casino from the lists provided on our website, all of these casino were tested by our stuff.