Online Casino - Guide for Beginners

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A good online casino - a website with hundreds and even thousands of games where the winner determined by pure luck. This is a popular form of leisure that 30% of the people in the world use to relax and have a good time. However, when you use such online resources for the first time, it is easy to get confused. That is why, we wrote this beginner online casino guide, so you could immediately find your way around the situation, find online casino games to your liking and understand how to play safely. Interesting fact. In Europe, online casinos are considered as one of the cheapest types of entertainment. Naturally, we are talking about licensed online casino websites. And the reason is that almost all online casino games have payment return percentage to the player 95-98% from the bets you’ve made. In fact, the payment for the services of a gambling site is 2-5% of the withdrawal amount.

Let's start this online casino guide with the structure of a gambling site on the example of the SpinPalace casino. The main page contains basic information about all games available on the website, the management company, licenses, rules of behavior on the site, promotions for newbies and regular users as well as registration button.

The entertainment part is divided into 2 large sections:

  • Casino Games: slot machines, table games, video poker, progressive jackpot games
  • Live casinos: live dealer casino games

Not all online casinos can boast such a wide range of games and offers. Many domains offer only the Slots section.

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The first rule of the casino guide - play casino games for free

The ability to play online casino games for free is an unwritten rule for all honest sites with a license. You also can try most of the games on our online casino guide website, without any registration.

Registration is not required. And it is completely free! If the site is trying to take money for it, carefully check its license and honesty.

The point of registration on the online casino website is to give the player maximum opportunity, but at the same time protect his data. All user information is encrypted.

In the free mode, online casino games work in the same way as in a paid one. There are no restrictions on the time of the game.

The second rule of online casino guide - make bets which fit your pocket

Perhaps the most exciting question for all beginners is the bets and their sizes. But before playing in an online casino for real money, it is worth understanding that the size and frequency of bets is a purely voluntary matter. As your online casino guide, we can guarantee that you can literally put a penny and play with it.

Most often, games support the ability to change the bet rate. For example, in some slots, the amount of the bet per spin can vary from 0.01 to 500. This means that you can play a lot even with a very modest budget. And this is a great idea to test the games you like: a minimum of expenses, a maximum of pleasure. But when you figured out how to play online casino games, you can raise bets higher, if you want to do so of course.

The upper and lower limits are always described in the rules of the game as well as in our online casino guide.

How much can you win?

In online casinos, you can win tens of millions of dollars, and many players have already succeeded.

There are several principles for getting a big-win:

Below, in this online casino guide, we will take a closer look at both principles. It is enough to understand how online casinos or game work in order to be able to calculate your winnings. Most often it is calculated multiplicatively, that is, according to the principle of multiplication. In card games, roulette and most slots, the size of the bet when winning is multiplied by the coefficient from the paytable.

How? Let’s consider a few examples in this online casino guide. If you guessed a number in a single zero roulette (European or French), you will get a win in amount 35 to 1. And if you collected a flash in video poker, you will receive, for example, 10 to 1. Accordingly, the higher the bet rate, the higher the total prize will be.

Progressive winnings are calculated differently, and such a system is used in a small number of games, most often in slot machines. All slots of the same type, working on sites of best online casinos, are connected to a single accumulation system, and a small percentage (2, 3 or 5%) of each bet made is sent to some sort of a jackpot. More money users bet – the higher Jackpot will be.

How does the online casino bonus system work: what kind of bonuses can I get?

The results of our research, in terms of gambling sites, you can find in this online casino guide. Since gambling sites value their visitors, they always give them presents. Bonuses - traditional encouragement from a website. Before playing in online casinos, you should familiarize yourself with the bonus system and the section of promotions, you can find an online casino guide for bonuses in the relevant section of the bgaoc website.

To get the maximum advantage in betting, it is recommended to use all available bonuses.

For example, in the Jackpot City online casino all new players receive 100% of the amount of the first deposit. Regular players have personal bonus offers. When new slots are released, promotions can be held with free spins.

Experienced players recommend starting to play for money after receiving bonuses and gifts.

How to play in online casino to win more and lose less?

Beginners are concerned about how to play online casino games in order to minimize their expenses and not to drain the bank. The main advice from experienced visitors to gambling sites is to maintain discipline in managing their own bankroll. There is the whole art of bankroll management, which teaches you to bet deliberately and control your emotions.

It is better to start mastering the art of thought-out bets with minimal investment. It helps to feel the process fully, to see the first profits and to understand your emotions when the bets are lost. But the price of this experience will be minimal.

How to play online casino games: the choice of entertainment to your liking and afford

Choosing the right online casino game is half the success. In addition to personal tastes, it’s worthwhile to focus on the percentage of returns and the casino advantage. For each game, this parameter is specified by the developer. Thus, in almost all card games you can gain experience and skills that will increase the chances of winning. And in slot machines winning combinations - only a matter of luck.

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