New VR Casino and Games

The best VR casino games as for 2020

If you are a fan of online gambling and in look for something potentially new among casino games, we have good news for you - VR casino games online! Virtual reality casinos allow you to achieve the maximum gambling atmosphere. At the VR halls of the casino, you can play not only with computer opponents but also with other players, be they your friends or strangers. A big plus of VR Casino games is the personalization of your avatar and the ability to customize the environment around you, which allows you to get even more impressions from the game.

It's pretty easy to start playing at a VR casino. You need one of the VR devices (even Oculus GO will do) and download one of the VR casino games. There are many VR casino games available at the moment, for example, Social Club VR: Casino Nights, PokerStars VR, Blackjack Bailey VR, Amigo VR, VR Slots 3D, CrapsVR, and others. Each of them has its own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, so we'll take a closer look at some of these games more deeply.

Blackjack Bailey VR

A VR game for blackjack fans has recently been released. There is only one game mode in Blackjack Bailey VR - single player. But this is not too bad, because you can enjoy Bailey's (VR dealer) company one-on-one, you will not get bored with her!

By purchasing the game on Steam and installing it on your computer - you do not risk with your money, except for the 5 bucks price tag. Blackjack Bailey VR lets you hone your Blackjack skills to the skies! In addition to the standard blackjack game, Blackjack Bailey VR allows you to learn how to use all kinds of game strategies and how to properly manage your bankroll.

Social Club VR: Casino Nights

The main feature of Social Club VR: Casino Nights is that the player can independently customize his in-game avatar, choose background music, the environment of the casino itself. Both multiplayer and AI competitors are available. In our opinion, Social Club VR: Casino Nights is a great opportunity to practice your favorite gambling games. Namely, poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, and many others. All this will help you gain experience before going to a real casino or playing at an online casino.

In addition to VR mode, Social Club VR: Casino Nights can be played without a VR headset. The developers promise to continue developing the game and content for it over the next 5 years, and the price of a game on Steam at $ 15 is acceptable. For only 15 bucks you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of a VR casino! However, if you want to play at a casino for real money – you just can choose the one you’ll like from the homepage of the bgaoc website!