How To Minimize Your Casino Losses

How To Minimize Your Losses In Online Casino

If you’re adamant about making profits on online gambling, you should focus on bankroll management, loyalty programs, and expenditure planning. Inability to wisely manage your gambling budget is a very common mistake that causes financial troubles to millions of gamblers.  

Manage Your Bankroll

First, you need to estimate your financial possibilities, i.e. how much money you can afford to spend on bets in a week or month. 

Due to the house edge in most casino games, players’ losses always exceed their winnings. An average player loses about 10% of their monthly bankroll. Use this piece of information to determine your daily, weekly or monthly budget.   

Plan Your Expenditures

Do some background work and determine what amount of money you can part with without regret within a specific period. If you’ve exceeded this limit before the period is over, you should stop making bets. Don’t allow yourself to top up your account and continue playing. That will ruin all your previous efforts. 

How To Start Making Money On Gambling

The cruel truth is that sticking to bankroll management rules does not guarantee you consistent winnings. At the same time, this approach can definitely minimize your losses. Once you’ve learned to control your expenditures, you’ll notice positive changes in your financial performance. 

If your ambition is to start making money in casinos, the situation becomes trickier. There are no winning strategies that could help you achieve this goal. One of the reasons has to do with the house edge which is present in almost every casino game. The casino advantage varies from game to game. 

In some games, the gambler can bring down the house edge. The classic example is by using the optimal strategy in blackjack. In other games, the house edge remains fixed no matter what. There is nothing you can do to tip the winning odds in your favor, even a little bit.  

Loyalty Program

If you’re planning on gambling often, joining a loyalty program is definitely worth it. It’s your chance to benefit from some juicy bonuses and cash backs. It’s not uncommon that clients get back up to 5% of their lost wagers. This is a pretty good amount. Anyway, it’s better than nothing!   

Smart Tips For Gamblers

According to recent surveys, many users still have a cautious attitude towards online casinos. For some reasons, they’re hesitant about starting to explore online games.   

The main reason has to do with poor awareness. Common users know little to nothing about how online casinos work, what games they offer, and what’s good about those games. We hope that our clever tips will bring the magical world of online casinos a little close to you.

Fast Registration

It all starts with registration on a gambling site. You need to complete a few fields with your personal information, as well as set your login and password. Keep in mind that unregistered users only have access to free games. If you wish to gamble for real money, you’ll have to register an account. These are the rules.


The next step is topping up your account. In a standard casino interface, all financial operations are performed in the Checkout tab. Large casinos offer a big choice of deposit methods so that every client could pick a method that suits them best. Making a casino deposit is no harder than performing any online payment, so don’t worry.


When accepting a casino bonus, prepare to wait. Bonuses may take up to 3 days to arrive to your account. To release a welcome bonus, you first need to meet the wagering requirements tied to it. 


After your deposit has arrived to your account, you can start looking for interesting slots to play for real money. If you’re a complete newbie, we recommend that you start with games in demo mode. Once you’ve gained enough confidence, you can switch to real money bets.  

Live Casinos

All games with live dealers are available in the Live section. Keep in mind that live games tend to have higher betting limits. Also, live games are not available in demo mode, i.e. you must make real money bets in order to enjoy a live roulette or live baccarat. 


To place a withdrawal request, go to the Checkout tab in your customer area. Withdrawal requests usually take up to 3 days to process. If it’s not your first withdrawal and your withdrawal amount is not too big, the money may arrive to your card or e-wallet instantly. Anyway, it all depends on the casino and other factors.