Live Casino Games: Beginner’s Guide

All About Live Casino Games

Although casino games with live dealers have been around for quite some time, many gamblers are still in the dark about this new format. This is probably because the majority of casino users play slots that don’t have a live version. Whatever the reason, one thing is known for sure. Live casino games are an inspirational source of new emotions that you’ve never experienced before. How about giving live gambling a try? 

The power of live dealers

Live dealers can transform any casino game, making it more exciting and engaging for a player. This innovation has changed the online casino industry once and for all, that’s for sure.   

You no longer have to play a computer program. Now you have a choice. You can choose to play against a dealer, who is a real-life person that manages a game from a physical location. The game is broadcast live to your computer. If your PC has a large HD display, you’ll get the illusion of playing in a land-based casino. It’s nothing short of a wonder! 

A live dealer does everything a regular dealer in a regular casino does. They shuffle and deal cards, take bets, give chips to winners, etc. If you’re up for a chit chat, you can choose to talk to your dealer, ask them questions about the game, make jokes and remarks, etc. If you liked the service, you can even leave them a tip! It’s always a good thing to reward a professional and well-mannered dealer for their efforts.

Live games are growing more popular by day. Live gambling is now accessible on mobile devices. You can gamble with a live dealer on your smartphone. How cool is that? It’s obvious that gamblers are hungry for new gambling formats, and live gambling is giving them the opportunity to live a real casino experience. 

If to you live gambling sounds too good to be true, you’re probably right. Live games have one major drawback that has to do with the size of wagers. If you’re playing at a live table, prepare for higher-than-usual betting limits. What’s the reason behind this change? For an online casino, organizing a live game is costly because it has to buy special equipment, build (or rent) a studio, pay salaries to dealers, etc. Higher betting limits are a way to make up for inflated expenses. 

However, higher betting limits don’t seem to stop gamblers from exploring live games. Most players admit that they’ve fallen in love with live gambling. They say that there is no going back to regular online gambling after trying a live game!

Advantages of live casino games

When hearing the words “online gambling”, the majority of gamblers think about RNG-based gaming apps available on a gambling site. Although online casino games have the same characteristics as their land-based rivals, they can’t provide the same dynamics and energy. No wonder gamblers were feeling somewhat disappointed. 

It turned out that some games, such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack, are not as exciting to play online as in land-based casinos. They rely too heavily on the casino atmosphere to deliver the charm they’re known for. 

Online casinos have realized the mistake they’ve done and started to search for a solution. Luckily for them, technologies lent a helping hand to the gambling industry just in time. 

Live casino on your computer

As Internet and data transmission technologies were marching forward, casinos started to experiment with direct video broadcasts from land-based casinos. The best thing about that innovation was that any player could take part in the broadcasted game without leaving their home. Needless to say, the new gambling format had a huge success among casino enthusiasts.  

Online casinos rented and designed premises, purchased casino equipment, and hired trained dealers to manage live games. 

The new trend revived the interest for traditional casino games. It can be said that live dealers brought online gambling back to life. Live games use real-life physical equipment, including tables, chips, cards, etc. Although you can’t touch any of those items, you can give commands to your dealer. For example, you can tell your dealer which sector on the roulette wheel you’re willing to wager on. 

The opportunity to talk with live dealers adds a sense of warmth to a gambling process, making you feel more welcome. On top of that, you can talk to other players that take part in the game. To communicate with other players, you can use a web camera, mic or online chat. You can choose the method that makes your feel most comfortable. At the same time, a dealer won’t talk to you unless you want them to. If you don’t like to be disturbed during the game, a dealer will leave you to your devices.

There is not the slightest doubt that live casinos have come to stay. Live dealers turned out to be the magical ingredient that brought together land-based and online gambling, creating an ideal mix of both. We bet you can’t wait to try out a live game yourself!