Jackpot is the feeling you never forget

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I will never forget my first victory in the game room. I was 18 when my friend suggested visiting a casino in the center of London during our Europe tour. This dirty room located under a luxury hotel was filled with cigarette smoke. All visitors wore trousers and vests while dealers wore more elegantly.

These were the end of the 90s and casinos were perceived as something illegal for people with big wallets. I would like to say at once that such gaming halls did not have slot machines. When I went inside, I saw several tables for baccarat; blackjack; craps and roulette.

After I exchanged my 10-pound note for chips, I looked around trying to find a more experienced player to follow his/her tips and strategies. Seeing their empty faces, I realized that no one will help me, so I just tried to play roulette, because it is a unique game in which fortune determines the fate of a person.

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Gambling is not About Money it's About Excitement

The whole concept of gambling is built around excitement. After many years when I had enough money for such entertainment, I realized that gambling is only an opportunity to quench thirst and gambling will never become a full-fledged profession.

There are many people who claim that gambling is their profession and they have become real "professionals" in this field, but this was not my choice. I want to sleep and not think that I can lose the house and the car tomorrow.

But in my youth, I wanted a new car and other luxuries, so the casino was a great way for me to get big money in no time (I was so naive). This is how my roulette experience began. I remember every moment of this wonderful game from the dealer's shouting "Bets are no longer accepted" until the ball lands in the cell.

I remember how I strained my neck to see the number before the wheel stopped. I also watched other players. Their reaction has always helped identify those who won. Today, I don’t show emotion if I win or lose, but at the moment of my first victory, I jumped for joy.

Excitement and risk fascinated me so I did not notice that the clock showed 4 a.m. I decided to make the last bet by putting all my chips on the line. I knew I felt that the ball would fall on red 16 and luckily it did.

I felt joy and at that moment I thought that heaven blessed me. As the author of various gambling articles, I often come across this tendency.

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Online Casino - the opportunity to feel thrilled for everyone!

I like how players believe in their blessings and win a lot of money. But to be honest, this feeling is so strong that it starts to absorb the player.

Currently, I spend a lot of time in virtual casinos, because now I don’t have much time to travel and visiting real casino establishments. Online gambling has opened new opportunities for each of us. I use it to communicate with other gamblers and analyze their behavior.

Recently, I found information about sites with slot machines that preserve the anonymity of gamers. The best way to play with anonymity is to play in online casinos. Neither I nor other players do not need to disclose personal data and take unreasonable risks.

There are many scammers who are trying to access your wallet, so anonymity is my top priority as well as for most modern players. If you want to play on a secure site with a wide range of slot machines, then you have come to the right place.

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