How To Increase Your Winning Chances In Online Roulette

How To Win At Roulette. Clever Tips For Boosting Your Winning Chances

Roulette has a special place in the heart of every gambler. Without roulette, the world of gambling would never be complete. The best casinos have tables with live roulette where you can enjoy gambling against a real-life dealer in flesh and bone! 

This truly fantastic game has more than one advantage. Along with an entertaining gameplay that makes you hold your breath, roulette boasts pretty high winning odds. Is there a way to hit bigger payouts more frequently? Read this post to find out!

Analyze The History Of Winning Numbers

According to the theory of probabilities, if a red number won 9 consecutive times, there is a big chance that the next winning number will be black. The theory of probabilities makes the essence of smart advisory programs that give you tips regarding your next bet. Using such software is absolutely legal. Any player can download a roulette advisor to their PC and benefit from its hints. 

A standard advisor registers the outcome of each spin and tells the player which numbers have the biggest winning odds. To produce more or less accurate results, the program must collect data on 100 rounds and more. If you’re gambling online, gathering detailed statistics shouldn’t be a problem. 

On first sight, it may seem that advisory programs are the solution everyone has been looking for. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The thing is that online roulette apps are using random number generators (RNGs) that produce a huge number of combinations per unit of time. Only one of those combinations determines the winning sector. The problem with the advisory software is that it doesn’t know what combinations RNG is generating and, therefore, doesn’t take them into consideration. It erroneously suggests that there is only one combination of numbers for each round.   

Winning Strategies

Strategies are another tool that is claimed to help you win. There is a myriad of strategies which are tailored to roulette.  

At the same time, some strategies are downright confusing for players, especially those who have little experience using them. Newbies have no idea of what they’re dealing with and what risks they’re running. You wouldn’t recommend you relying on any of these strategies because they have – alas! - zero effectiveness. As far as online roulette goes, there is no way to overcome a casino advantage. Roulette is a harsh game in that regard. If you test a so-called “winning” strategy in demo mode, you’ll find out that it doesn’t work.  

Your Bankroll: Everything You Should Know

Despite its immersive and amusing gameplay, roulette is one of these games where you need be very careful with your money. (In fact, this tip applies to all gambling games.) Since most players have a limited bankroll, they can’t afford to be careless with their betting choices. 

No Large Bets

A safe way to play roulette is to stick with even money bets (Red/Black, Even/Odd, High/Low). Also, you shouldn’t go overboard with the size of your wagers. Roulette has dangerously high maximum betting limits. While slots tend to have reasonable maximum betting limits ($100-200), the upper betting limit in roulette can be much higher.

If you’re placing even money bets but still risking big chunks of your bankroll, you’ll end up blowing away your budget in a heartbeat. And you don’t want that, obviously!

Keep away from large bets unless you want to stay penniless. 

High-Risk Bets

The riskiest type of bet is a straight bet (when you’re betting on a specific number). On one hand, this type of wager pays generously. On the other hand, your winning chances are 1 to 36, which means that you’re most likely to lose your money.

As for the rest of bets, they come with an acceptable risk-return ratio. However, if you want to see your wagers win pretty often, you should stick with even money bets. They lose less frequently than other types of bets. 

How To Use Your Bankroll Wisely

When playing roulette, you should spend no more than 25% of your total bankroll per session. As for the optimal size of your bet, you need it determine it based on your play time. Pro tip: you should psychologically prepare yourself for the fact that most of your bets will lose. The only exception is even money bets that win pretty often. 

It doesn’t mean that you should think about failure all the time. However, it’s important to understand that during a game of roulette losses happen a lot. If you dread losing 25% of your bankroll, you should cut your roulette budget. 

In our past articles, we’ve already talked about how to choose the best roulette variation. Be sure to avoid American roulette due to its draconic house edge. On the contrary, if you manage to find the French or European roulette with La Partage and En Prison rules, consider yourself lucky. These rules bring down the casino advantage and help a player win. 

If you follow these simple money management rules, you’re sure to have a great experience playing online roulette!