Online Casinos: How To Identify A Rogue?

Rogue online casinos and how to identify them. Winning software for casino players

Identifying a dishonest online casino is, in fact, pretty easy. You don’t need to be an expert in online safety to be able to see that there is something wrong with a gambling website. All signs lie on the surface. You simply need to take a closer look!  

Website Design

The first thing to pay attention to is a casino website. How do you like its design? What content does it provide? What features and options are available to users? 

A website of a reliable online casino must look neat and finished. All buttons and banners must be in place. The content (text, videos, images, etc.) is useful and engaging. Access to customer area is protected via secure connection.   

License And Membership

A casino must have an electronic copy of its gambling license. Even a license issued by an offshore gambling authority is still better than no license at all. 

All the better if a casino is a member of an international gambling organization, e.g. eCogra. For that information, check out the bottom of the casino main page.  

Most of the time, rogue casinos don’t care about such “insignificant things” as membership with industry-related agencies and organizations. This is how an attentive gambler can expose them.

Software Matters

A good gambling site is proud of its licensed casino software and doesn’t miss the opportunity to mention that on its homepage. 

Rogue casinos, on the contrary, are using stolen, low-quality software from no-name manufacturers. On top of that, you won’t find any new games or slots with progressive jackpots

In the absolute majority of cases, fly-by-night casinos have trouble accepting payments from users. No reputable payment service would agree to work with a questionable casino! As a result, rogue sites offer a very scarce choice of deposit and withdrawal methods. Most of the time, it’s only a few e-payment services and SMS payments.  

Talk To Customer Support

You can find out a lot about a casino by talking to its customer support. Contact the support team and ask them a few questions regarding the license, payments, etc. A reliable casino has very short response times. If your email is left unanswered for days, it’s a sure sign that something is off. There can be no second-guessing about it. 

Any user can learn how to distinguish between a rogue and reliable online casino.  

Winning Casino Software: Smart Tool Or Another Scam? 

Although the absolute majority of casino games are easy to play, casino clients still lose more than win. The silver lining is that there are software programs that are claimed to boost your winnings.

Zero Guarantee

The reality is that no winning software is a magical remedy. The majority of such tools simply track your gambling results and give recommendations based off that data. For example, if you had 5 losing spins in a row, the program will advise you to increase your bet. If the next spin ends in a loss as well, the program will urge you to make an even bigger wager. The thing is that the program thinks that every unsuccessful spin boosts your winning chances.   

Sadly, an approach like that doesn’t work. No software can predict the result of the next spin with a 100% accuracy. But this is not the only problem with such pseudo winning systems.

The casino advantage is present in every casino game. Due to the house edge, a player always wins less than they’re supposed to according to mathematical calculations.  

Let’s take roulette with its even-money bets (Red/Black, Even/Odd, etc.). Even-money wagers come with a 1:1 payout rate. An inexperienced gambler may think that their winning chances stand at 50% but this is not the case. Why? Because there is a zero sector on the wheel. If the ball hits zero, your bet will lose. 

If we take 0 sector into consideration, the payout rate will stand at 1.03-1.05:1. But in this case, an online casino will lose its edge over a player – and therefore its profits. 

Nonetheless, developers of winning casino systems claim that their products can actually improve your chances to win. A standard winning program collects information on your gambling performance and calculates your winning odds for the next round. If the chances to succeed are high, the tool advises you to increase your wager. 

But what if your next bet loses? If you blindly follow every tips the system is giving you, you’ll deplete your bankroll sooner than you think.