How to choose a no deposit casino

How to choose a no deposit casino with bonuses

Choosing a casino is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to no deposit casinos that give you the opportunity to play for real money for free and withdraw your winnings. Considering the fact that there is a huge number of gaming clubs with bonuses around the net, and there are many scammers among them, the choice of an online gambling establishment should be taken responsibly.

How to get bonuses in no deposit casinos

The popular name “no deposit casinos” was given to gaming clubs that provide new players with free sign up bonuses. Usually, a bonus is issued after creating an account and confirming the contact details of the player. Sometimes, to receive a gift, you must enter a special code, register using a unique link or contact player support. Detailed conditions for obtaining a no deposit in a casino are indicated in the bonus description or in the rules on the casino's official website.

Bonuses can be issued in the form of money or free spins that can be used in specific games of the casino. An important feature of such rewards is the ability to get the bonus and withdraw your winnings. As for the institution itself, casinos give out gifts for registration so that new customers can get acquainted with the service for free and test some games.

How to withdraw free winnings in online casinos

Each gaming establishment has its own unique bonus program and sets its own rules for wagering and withdrawal of bonuses, but there is a standard list of rules that applies to all online gambling establishments:

  • The bonus is issued once per player (one address, mail, phone number, IP). You should not create several game accounts in the same club in order to get a no deposit bonus, as you will get a ban of the account without the right to withdraw funds. Even if one of your accounts contains your personal money, it will be banned over time and you will not be able to withdraw funds.
  • Each bonus has an activation period and a validity period. The activation period indicates for how long the bonus can be claimed, and the validity period is the time that is given for wagering the bonus (after this time ends the bonus will be canceled).
  • Only Specific games can use bonuses you’ve claimed. When you get a no deposit in free casinos, carefully read the list of gambling games where you can use bonus rewards. Since most often the bonus is issued for a specific game (especially if bonus gives free spins for registration).
  • Bet Limit. When playing with bonus funds, you cannot exceed the maximum bet (if you exceed the bet, your winnings can be canceled), so immediately check how much you can bet.
  • Limit withdrawal amount. In order to reinsure yourself from big losses, most casinos record the maximum withdrawal amount from a no deposit bonus, and you can withdraw no more than this amount. Each institution has its own maximum withdrawal and this amount varies from 1,000 USD/EUR/GBP to 10,000 USD/EUR/GBP per day/week/month. But there are pleasant exceptions, some game clubs do not put restrictions on the withdrawal of money from bonuses and you can withdraw everything that you earn.
  • Wager. This is the most basic thing that needs to be done if you want to withdraw your winnings. The wager indicates how many bets you need to place so that you get the opportunity to withdraw your winnings. The lower the wager requirements, the easier it is to clear the bonus and get money from it. Consider an example: You received a no deposit amount of 1000 USD/EUR/GBP with a wager x25, which means that in order to withdraw the bonus, you need to make bets in the amount of 1000 * 25 = 25000.

Withdrawal of money from the casino after deposit. Another very important rule, without which you cannot withdraw funds. A deposit should be made from the system to which the withdrawal of funds is possible.

ID confirmation. In order to avoid fraud from third parties, institutions have introduced a player identity check. Only by sending a photo of an identity document to the club support you can apply for a withdrawal of funds. To speed up the withdrawal of money, you can do this procedure immediately after registration.

We have listed the main conditions for wagering and withdrawing money from the casino. But it is worthwhile to understand that the institution can establish additional requirements. Therefore, before playing on bonus funds in a particular institution, check-in advance the rules for wagering and withdrawal of bonuses directly on the website of the casino you want to play.

How to choose a no deposit casino for the game

We have compiled a list of recommendations that you can follow when choosing a no deposit casino:

  • Countries that can participate in the club's bonus program. Some casinos may limit the list of countries from which players can take part in the bonus program and receive no deposit for registration. In order not to get into such a situation, specify in advance information about which countries the bonus is available for. Also, we recommend choosing casinos that allow you to play in the currency of your country, so you do not have to pay a fee for currency conversion.
  • License. The presence of a license from a game club acts as a guarantor of fair play. And if disputes arise, you can always contact the gambling commission. If the institution does not have a license, then you will not achieve justice.
  • The imputed conditions of wagering, if you plan not only to familiarize yourself with the casino but also want to try to wager and withdraw the bonus, then you should pay attention to the requirements of the wager. The lower the wager, the easier it will be to clear a no deposit and vice versa. You should not qualify for a gift with a wager over x70, there are almost no chances to win it back.
  • The presence of favorable bonuses for the deposit. Pay attention to establishments with welcome packages for the first few deposits. A game in such an institution will be more profitable and exciting.
  • Payment methods that are allowed in your country. Unfortunately, some clubs offer a limited list of deposit and withdrawal methods. Pay attention to which of them are available for your region and will be convenient for you personally.

Top list of no deposit casinos with registration bonuses

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