How Do I Place A Bet Online?

How To Bet Online At Online Casino

Everything that happens in the online gambling world has to do with bets. Your bankroll, your strategy, and your winnings are all affected by bets you place. The size of a bet determines its risk/reward ratio. The larger a bet, the larger your winning odds are. Sometimes, a bet can even have a 100% winning chance.

Bet size

Modern online casinos show amazing flexibility by accepting a wide range of bets. Betting ranges depend on each specific game. Wagers start from as low as 10 cents or even 1 cent. This is done to make gambling available to a wide audience. Even if you’re close to being broke, you can always afford to make a 1 cent bet, right? However, a small bet generates small wins. Even if you’re lucky to land a high-paying combination, you can only count on a modest payout.

If you’re after juicy winnings, minimum bets are of no interest to you. At the same time, minimum wagers can come in very handy if you want to practice and get the hang of the game. This is a great way to master real-money play without blowing a hole in your bankroll.

Maximum bets attract gamblers with big potential wins. If luck is on your side, you stand a chance of taking home some amazing payouts. However, max bets have a darker side.

If you hit a losing streak, maximum bets will deplete your bankroll in minutes! We advise you not to become too keen on max bets unless you have a solid play budget.

Most players try to stick to the golden mean and make average-size bets. This is a wise strategy that will allow you to enjoy gambling longer. If you lose, your bankroll won’t suffer much. At the same time, average bets still give you a chance to hit impressive winnings.

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Modern slots are very generous to players, featuring sky-high multipliers. Plus, some slot machines have huge progressive jackpots that can reach millions of dollars in size.

In slots, each lucky combination comes with a certain multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the bigger profits you can make. For example, x1000 multiplier means that you stand a chance of winning 1000 times your bet. Sadly, landing a high-paying string of symbols is rare luck, with most combinations paying х2-х100. To find out multipliers for each winning combination, take a look at the Payout table of your selected slot. Pay close attention to combinations with average-size multipliers because you’re likely to see them most of the time on your screen.

Other gambling games can’t offer such high multipliers as slots do. In card games, x10 (let alone x100) multipliers are non-existent. Most the of time, gamblers have to settle for 1:1 or 1:2 payouts.

In roulette, the highest payout is only 1:36 which is nothing compared to slots! On a brighter note, a player is allowed to place different types of bets in the same round thus increasing their chances to succeed.

Next to slots, another game that boasts big multipliers is video poker. However, video poker hardly falls into the category of classic card games. It’s a very peculiar game that takes both from poker and slots.

As you can see, online slots are the only casino games that feature incredibly high multipliers. If you’re hunting for big wins, be sure to stick with slots.

On top of that, slot machines have a variety of additional features participating in which costs nothing to a player. If you happen to trigger a bonus round or free spins, you don’t need to make a bet to test your luck in that extra game.

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How to bet in online casinos

When it comes to betting in online casinos, you’re as free as wind, meaning you can risk any amount of money within your bankroll. Are you the “all-or-nothing” type of player who prefers to risk a big chunk of his bankroll in one go? Or do you stretch your bankroll as much as possible?

The best way to avoid demotivating losses is by determining your bet size based on your bankroll size. Ideally, a bet should amount to 1/1000-1/2000 of your bankroll. In this case, a loss won’t blow a hole in your budget and you’ll be able to continue playing as if nothing has happened. If such a bet seems too small to you, you can increase it to 1/100-1/500 of your bankroll.

Keep in mind that in slots the gameplay is very fast. Every fast-paced game has two sides to it. Sometimes, 10-20 spins are enough to blow away a big part of your bankroll. On the brighter side, with luck on your side, you can grow your bankroll in minutes!

When playing slots, we recommend using same-size bets. This way, you’ll know exactly how much money you’re going to need for a play session. Plus, not having to change your bet after every spin or two will boost the pace of the game, making it more exciting.