Hacking An Online Casino

Can You Hack An Online Casino? Do Casino Systems Have Vulnerabilities?

What gambler hasn’t thought – even for a minute – about hacking an online casino and tipping the winning odds to their favor? The idea is too tempting to ignore it, right? Just imagine this: if you succeed, you’ll enjoy a shower of wins. It’s an easy way to become stinking rich with zero efforts! In this article, we’ll address the illegitimate ways of beating a slot machine.

Land-based Casinos

It may seem that in an offline casino, you have more opportunities to affect the play process than on a gambling site.

In fact, this assumption is not far from the truth. In a brick-and-mortar casino, a slot is a real-life device that you can see and touch. This leads us to a conclusion that a land-based slot machine is easier to hack than computer software. Let’s make it clear from the start: attempting to get inside a slot machine is totally useless. The security guards won’t like this, to say the least. Chances are you’ll be thrown out even before you have the time to do some serious damage to the slot. So let’s rule out this method at once.

Professional swindlers prefer to operate in a more secretive way. The common practice is to insert a special chip inside a slot.

The chip affects the slot operation, allowing swindlers to manage the frequency of winnings, as well as their value (low, medium, and high-paying combos). To be able to do that, you need to know the insides of a slot like the back of your hand. Also, you need to have the casino’ security guards on your team. As you can see, a common player would never be able to successfully use this tricky method.

How To Cheat A Casino

The above method can’t be applied in an online casino because an online slot is just a computer program stored on the server of its manufacturing company. This means that in order to hack an online slot, you’ll have to get access to the server.

To be honest, this task is even more challenging than inserting a chip inside a slot. It’s highly unlikely that a person can do that alone. You need a reliable team of experienced hackers that can find a way to bypass multiple security systems and access the server.

It needs to be said that online casino hacks are not as rare as you may think. However, few attempts end successfully for hackers. Even if they succeed in changing slot settings and win a lump of money, the still have to withdraw the bounty to someone’s account or e-wallet. At this stage, the casino can easily identify the swindlers. Most of the time, hackers use another strategy. They sabotage the casino operation, preventing common players from accessing the website. As a result, the casino suffers significant losses. The hackers contact the casino administration, claim a compensation. Upon receiving the money, the swindlers reestablish access to the website.

However, in real life the casino hardly ever gives in and pays the “ransom”. The casino specialists identify and fix the vulnerabilities in the system, and within a couple of hours, the website resumes its operation.

Winning Systems

Among all winning systems and strategies developed for gambling games, the only valid one is the blackjack strategy. It can give you an edge over the casino, but only if you’re playing live. Beware, though. Casino don’t like players who are using the winning strategy and counting cards. Once a professional blackjack player catches the eye of the casinos security guards, they make him leave the casino instantly.