Where To Find Generous Bonuses

Sticky Bonuses In Online Casinos. Where Can I Find Large Bonuses?

The online gambling industry is developing very fast. The changes regard not only casino design and software but also the bonus system. Some ten years ago, bonuses were hardly reaching $100-200. Nowadays, top-tier casinos can afford to pamper their clients with thousands of dollars. 

If you’re thinking that this sounds too good to be true, you’re right. The bigger the bonus, the more effort it’ll take you to actually benefit from it. 

If you’re adamant about receiving a large bonus, prepare to part with at least $100-200. Most of the time, new clients get an extra 100-200% of their deposit. If a money gift amounts to $1,000, be ready to deposit no less than $500 to your account.

Moreover, casino gifts have upper limits. If, say, you deposit $1,500, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get $3,000 extra. Be sure to read the bonus terms to find out the maximum size of a bonus. At the same time, casinos value high rollers. Contact the customer support and ask whether you can count on special terms. 

How To Be Careful With Large Casino Bonuses 

It goes without saying that a 500% bonus is a mind-blowing offer than can sweep any gambler off their feet. It’s a great chance to enhance your deposit. But as you already know, there is no such thing as a 100% free casino bonus.  

Seeing a high-sky bonus must put you on alert. Don’t be lazy and scrutinize the casino site. Chances are you’re dealing with a rogue casino.  

Most of the time, a bonus doesn’t exceed 300% of the deposit amount. 

How To Release Large Bonuses

Another important thing about large bonuses is that they’re extremely hard to release. To free your bonus in time, you’ll have to spend a fortune. If you’re a high roller, don’t be too shy to ask the casino to give you a longer period to fulfill the wagering requirements. When it comes to bonuses, don’t make any rush decisions you’ll regret later. Take the time to estimate your financial situation. Releasing a large bonus is very costly. Can you really afford that? 

Sticky Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses come in all forms and sizes. Gambling sites provide money gifts on your first deposit, as a birthday present, or as a “thank you” for your loyalty. Some bonuses can be released from the casino system, while others remain in the casino no matter what. Bonuses that can’t be withdrawn or exchanged for cash are called “sticky”.

What Is A Sticky Bonus?

As already said, sticky bonuses never leave the casino. Such rewards can come in the form of lottery or tournament tickets. Note that you can’t exchange such a bonus for cash. You either take part in the tournament, or let the bonus burn. By the way, lotteries and tournaments may not even have a money pool! This means that you may have a zero chance to monetize your bonus. 

To some extent, bonuses on the 1st deposit are nothing else but sticky. Why? Because too many players fail to release them by meeting the wagering requirements. As a result, the bonus remains in the casino. 

The tougher the wagering requirements, the more likely the bonus will end up in the “sticky” category. It will remain in the casino, motivating the player to make more bets in the hope of finally withdrawing it. And hope, as we all know, is the last to die.

Loyalty Program

If you think about it, loyalty programs have some of the characteristics of sticky bonuses. According to a standard loyalty program, the player needs to collect points to achieve higher levels of the program (Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.). While some casinos allow players to exchange loyalty points for cash, others don’t. It’s not uncommon that instead of money, players are offered corporate gifts and other benefits, e.g. the possibility to use a custom avatar on the website.  

How To Identify A Sticky Bonus 

If the terms read that a bonus can’t be cashed out or exchanged for real money, it falls into the sticky category. At the same time, not all rewards can be instantly identified as sticky ones. Let’s say, you got a free lottery ticket and won some money in the lottery. In this case, your winnings will be a form of a sticky bonus.