How To Make Your Online Gambling Safe And Secure

Safety Requirements And Online Casino License

Online casinos like to stress that their clients’ personal data are securely protected from any unauthorized access. It’s true that gambling sites ensure a high level of cyber security. They’re working at raising the level of cyber security awareness. However, not everything depends on casinos. Players are also responsible for keeping their data and money safe. The truth is that some users have a nonchalant attitude towards cyber security. Most of the time, when money is stolen from a gambler’s account, it’s the gambler’s fault, and not the casino’s. 

Only Gamble On Your Own Devices

The temptation to play wherever and whenever you want to often overpowers the common sense. Playing on PC or smartphone that belongs to another person is very risky practice. We’re not saying that the person you’ve borrowed the device from is a swindler that will necessarily access your account. The problem is that their device may be infected by a virus, and your personal data may end up in the hands of hackers. Also, a computer club is literally the last place you want to gamble at. Never trust the devices installed in a computer club.

Don’t Play At Work

It’s naive to think that you’re the only user who has access to your office computer. Your company’s IT team can monitor everything you’re doing on your desktop. Of course it’s unlikely they’re going to steal the login data to your casino account. But what they can do is report to your boss that you’re gambling during work time. Obviously, this might take a toll on your reputation. 

Always Log Out Of Your Casino Account On Your Smartphone

Mobile casinos offer an unparalleled level of comfort, allowing you to gamble anywhere and at any time. But the problem is that smartphones often get stolen. Make the habit of logging out of a casino app every you’re done gambling. Alternatively, you can set a lock-screen password. The second option is even better because it protects all the data stored on your smartphone, and not only your casino account credentials.  

Use An Anti-Virus Software

Don’t underestimate the importance of basic security measures, such as installing a reliable anti-virus program. It may make all the difference for your online safety. If you don’t trust a default anti-virus that comes with your OS, be sure to find a powerful software that can guarantee a satisfactory level of security.  

If you suspect that your account has been hacked, don’t hesitate a minute and contact the customer support as soon as you possibly can. Describe your problem and wait for further instructions.

Why Online Casinos Need A License

In unregulated gambling markets, there are small casino companies that operate without a license and don’t pay taxes to the government. However, as far as high-profile casinos go, a license is the alpha and omega. It’s the very first stepping stone where everything begins. 

For a gambling site, a license translates into a bunch of benefits. A licensed casino obtains a legal status, protection from the state, possibility to promote and advertise its services, etc. But most importantly, gamblers are more likely to trust a licensed casino rather than some shady website. In other words, a license gives a casino endless opportunities to grow its business and build a loyal following.  

Nowadays, every online casino of big caliber has a license. Long gone are the times when gamblers started playing on a website right away, without having checked whether it has a license, seals of approval, good testimonials, etc. Today’s users are far more careful and wary, and that’s a good thing.  

Nowadays, even small online casinos are trying to obtain a license, even if it’s issued by an offshore authority. Gambling sites are ready to invest efforts, time and money in obtaining a license. Unlicensed offline casinos have zero credit and are viewed as shady businesses.

In the countries where online gambling illegal, an unlicensed online casino is a common thing. There is no way for a website to get a licensed, even if it wanted to obtain one. Considering the global tendencies, there is hope that online gambling will be finally legalized everywhere in the world. 

Not every casino is financially capable of getting a license. It’s a very costly asset that requires serious investments. For example, many up-and-coming British casinos can’t afford to buy a license. This means they have zero chance to build a solid client base and gain a foothold in the market. This is the cruel but fair reality of modern-day gambling industry.