Exotic And Sticky Casino Bonuses

Rare Types Of Casino Bonuses And Where To Find Them

Every gambler must have received a casino bonus at least once in their life. However, there are some almost-extinct types of rewards that are very difficult to come across. In this post, we decided to bring such bonuses to the spotlight.

Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus is, without doubt, one of the rarest rewards in the gambling industry. It’s when you get back a part of the money that you lost while gambling. 

The curious thing is that some 10 years ago, cashback bonuses used to be very common. Just think about it: casinos used to return up to 25% to players. Today, it’s hard to believe that such juicy cashback ever existed! It’s not surprising that gamblers were going crazy for cashback bonuses and tried to find gambling sites that offered the juiciest cashbacks.   

Loyalty Programs

It’s a common practice to tie up cashback percentages with loyalty programs. The higher loyalty status you have, the more money you get back. For example, a player may start with a 5% cashback and achieve higher values as they’re climbing up the loyalty program ladder. The more you gamble, the better terms you’re offered.

Bonuses In Land-Based Casinos

At the dawn of online gambling industry, offline casinos used to actively provide cashbacks to their clients. Spending money on wagers, players knew they were going to get a part of their lost money back. For casinos, it was a great tool to acquire new clients and show them that gambling can be equally beneficial for both parties involved. However, due to economic reasons, casinos had to drop that practice. 

Unbeneficial Promotions

The same happened in online gambling. At first, cashbacks were very diffused. However, as years went on, casinos started to cut cashbacks until they abandoned them completely. It needs to be said that some websites still offer 2-3% cashbacks.

Why did that incentive disappeared? The thing is that casinos considered it economically unreasonable to encourage players who kept switching between websites in the search of new cashbacks. As for loyal clients, they usually stick with a casino they like regardless of whether it has a cashback policy. 

Nowadays, to find a gambling site with cashbacks, you have to look really hard. On one side, you shouldn’t expect it to make a big difference. On the other hand, though, if you’re spending big budgets on bets, even a 3% cashback will make a nice addition to your bankroll. 

There is another important thing that deserves to be mentioned. At first, casino bonuses came free of any wagering requirements. But when casinos saw how gamblers were abusing their generosity, they started to introduce harsh limitations on withdrawals. 

Sticky Casino Bonuses

It’s no secret that casino bonuses play a huge role in attracting new clients. However, not all players know that withdrawing money gifts can be very tricky because of the wagering requirements attached to them.      

You’ll be surprised to know that there is a certain type of money gifts that can’t be withdrawn at all! Yes, we’re talking about the so-called “sticky bonuses”. While you can easily get this kind of reward, there is no way you exchange it for real money.  

What Are Sticky Casino Bonuses? 

In fact, any money gift (even a deposit bonus) can fall into this category. It’s when you get a large (300-400%) bonus that you can’t cash out. 

This is a trap that you should avoid. Imagine this situation. A careless player receives a bonus but neglects to read the terms under which it’s provided. Naturally, the player starts to fulfill the wagering requirements. They spend big amounts of money trying to release the bonus. But in the end, it turns out that the reward can’t be released! 

The truth is that you’re only allowed to spend sticky bonuses on bets. You can cash out your winnings but not the bonus itself. If you don’t know this rule, you risk wasting your efforts and money chasing an illusory goal. We urge you to be very careful.

And beyond that, a casino may limit the selection of slots and other games eligible for spending your sticky bonus. This can create even more trouble for players.

Sticky casino bonuses can take the form of tournament and lottery tickets. By taking part in a tournament, you have a real chance to win a cash prize. However, gambling sites tend to reward tournament winners with non-monetary prizes, such as loyalty points, bonuses, and the like. As you can see, casinos are dropping the practice of giving out money rewards to their clients. This is a strong trend which is very likely to gain a foothold in the industry. 

Bonus points are a very useful type of sticky bonuses. Just because you can’t swap bonus points for cash doesn’t mean they’re useless. More points give you a higher rating and entitle you to better gambling terms.    

As far as bonuses go, the main thing is to know how you can use them. This is a surefire way to avoid disappointment and frustration. Casino rewards are a nice gesture that open up numerous possibilities for a player.