Everything You Need To Know About European Online Casinos

European Online Casinos From A to Z

European online casinos have a good reputation in the gambling world. Indeed, they set a very high standard for other casino businesses to follow. Of course, not every European-based gambling site can be trusted. At the same time, it’s safe to say that legitimate European casinos tend to be more reliable and trustworthy than their offshore competitors.  

Fair Gambling

Fair play is one of the key characteristics of online casinos. As far as European casinos go, you have nothing to worry about. All licensed gambling sites are vigorously regulated by their respective national authorities.  

To be able to operate in the European gambling market, a casino must obtain a local license. It must prove that it’s going to pay taxes, abide by the applicable legislation, stick to the principles of fair play, stand against money laundering, fight gambling addiction, etc.

Fair play is a fundamental principle that European casinos heavily rely on. If there are any suspicions that an online casino is cheating its clients, it will have to suspend its operation until an investigation is complete. If the investigation confirms the suspicion, the casino will probably lose its license. Getting a license is a both grueling and costly undertaking, and no casino wants to lose it. 

Guaranteed Payouts

With a licensed European casino, you can rest assured that you’ll get all your winning in full, regardless of their size. More importantly, if you and gambling site have an issue that can’t resolved amicably, you’ll have the right to go to court. The court will settle the dispute in an unbiased manner.

Licensed Games 

On a legal gambling site, you won’t find software of substandard quality. Also, there is zero chance of coming across stolen software or gaming apps developed by unlicensed companies. The best thing about European casinos is that they offer new, high-quality software with crispy graphics and realistic sounds. If a casino values its reputation, it will never have dated slots that were released years ago.

Tough Competition

Pressured by a fierce competition in the European gambling market, online casinos have to come up with new marketing tricks, bonuses and promotions to attract and retain clients. Severe competition is beneficial for gamblers who get a good value for their money. 

How To Register With A European Casino

Before diving into the world of gambling passion and mind-blowing winnings,you needto do one little thing. Yes, we’re talking about registration. Creating an account with a gambling site opens up multiple opportunities in front of a player. The biggest advantage is that you get access to real-money bets. Every time you feel like playing for real money, you’ll have to enter your username and password and log into your account. However, those are not the only pieces of data you need to provide about yourself. 

Limitations And Registration Data

The first limitation we’re going to address is age. Users under 18 years are not allowed to gamble on gambling websites. How do casinos know a user’s age? It’s all very simple. To make sure that a new user is older than 18, a casino asks them to submit a document to confirm their identity. Most of the time, it’s a passport. However, a driver’s license can also do in some cases.  

This requirement allows to kill two birds with one stone. By asking to see their passport, a casino makes sure that a new player is a real person and they’re not on the black list. By the way, you can cover the ID number of your document and some other information.

When filling out a registration form, you also need to submit your country of residence. This requirement didn’t come out of nowhere, though. The thing is that casinos do not welcome players from some countries. Another reason is that a casino may not have the license to provide services to users from those countries. A word of advice: don’t try to cheat a casino by feeding false data to them. If your scam comes to light, you’ll have to say “goodbye” to your account. 

On top of that, get ready that an online casino may ask you to confirm your residency address. In this case, you can provide an electricity or Internet bill with your name and address on it. It needs to be said, though, gambling sites rarely go to such extremes. 

At the same time, it’s a common practice to ask a user to provide a photo of their payment card. The main thing is that the owner’s name on the card is seen clearly. Naturally, you don’t need to take a photo of the back side of your card where the CVV code is. Usually, this requirement is applied if you chose a payment card as your preferred deposit method.

If your selected gambling site supports several currencies, you’ll be asked to select the currency of your account. 

As you can see, online casinos want to know quite a few things about their new clients. The main reason behind such “curiosity” is safety. It doesn’t mean that your casino will ask for all the pieces of data that we’ve covered in this article. The exact list of required information varies from site to site.