Download Casino vs. Flash Play

No-Download Casino vs. Download Casino App: Which One Is Better?

For many years, online casinos were only available as downloadable software. Playing right in the browser was out of the question. And even if the casino provided that kind of opportunity, the quality of graphics and sound left much to be desired. The problem had to do not with casinos but with computer capacities and speed of Internet connection.   

No-Download Online Casinos

As years went by, the technological progress brought us a higher-speed Internet. Today, we can watch HD movies and play video games without compromising on the quality of user experience. Online gamblers now have a choice. They can either download a game app to their computer and play offline, or gamble right in their browser. It needs to be said that the in-browser (flash) casino games feature crispy graphics and flawless sounds, which makes them just as good as their download versions!

No-Download Casinos: Pros

When you’re playing right in your browser, it takes you only a second to start any game or slot. By the way, another name common for in-browser apps is “flash casino games”. 

The player can open numerous tabs with games at the same time, whether it’s 10 or 20. The random access memory of your computer is the only limit to the number of games you can simultaneously. Try playing 2-3 slot machines at the same time. You might like it!

Mobile Gambling

Another important aspect of in-browser gambling has to do with mobile devices. If you have an advanced smartphone, you can start playing on any gambling site right away. There is absolutely no need to download or install any gaming software to your device. A couple of years ago, gambling fans could only dream of such an opportunity.

No-Download Casinos: Cons

The only big downside of in-browser gambling is that you need a really powerful computer. If your device is more than 5-7 years old, it may lack the capacities to properly render the game. As a result, the game may freeze or stop responding. Some games may crash. You need to start a few flash games in order to find out whether your desktop computer can handle the gaming requirements.

Download Apps

Many online casinos encourage their clients to install a special app that provides a full-scale access to all the functionalities of the gaming website.  

By installing a casino app, you download all gambling games to your computer. The beautiful thing is that the app is constantly updated. This way, you always have newly released games right at hand!

Fast And Smooth Operation

When playing right in the browser, you need to wait for the game to load, which depends mostly on fast your Internet connection is. It’s not uncommon that you may have to wait up to several minutes. In peak hours, the waiting times may grow significantly. 

Download apps run faster than their in-browser rivals. It’s because these apps are already stored on your computer. You don’t have to worry about how stable your Internet connection is (you can even be offline, for that matter!) 

The takeaway is obvious. If you have problems with your Internet connection, be sure to download the casino app to your device and enjoy smooth gambling!

Extra Settings

Another advantage of downloadable casinos has to do with a variety of settings and features. For example, you can make a list with your favorite slots, edit your profile, systemize your list of contacts, and many more.    

Download apps have an online chat where players can share their opinions, discuss gambling news, and recommend games to each other.  

Also, there is a customer support chat where you can ask any casino-related questions.

The only drawback we could think of in regard to download casinos is that you need to install the app on your computer and register an account before you can start gambling. If you decide to gamble on a different computer, you’ll have to repeat the installation procedure on that device. (You don’t need to register again, though.) In that case, it’d be wiser to use the flash casino version.