How To Settle A Dispute With A Casino

How To Settle Disputes With Online Casinos In Your Favor

Few gamblers think about the possibility of having to settle a conflict with an online casino until it actually happens. In fact, clashes are an organic part of gambling. The most important thing is to know how to address them in a civilized way.    

Take Your Time

Rule No. 1 is not to overreact or do anything rush. Don’t flood the customer support with messages unless your issue is really urgent. Take a deep breath and think about your problem. Analyze your actions step by step. Chances are you’ve made a mistake along the way and it’s in your power to correct it without external help. It’s highly likely that your issue is addressed in the User Agreement or FAQ section on the casino website. 

If you failed to resolve the issue yourself, then you should turn to customer support for help. Open a text editor and describe your problem. Make sure your description is accurate, concise, and detailed. Proofread your text several times and send it to the customer support via website or email.   

Positive Response

If your issue is a complicated one, prepare to wait for some time. While some casinos react almost instantly, others may take a few days to respond. Anyway, if you’re dealing with a reliable casino, your request won’t be left unattended, so don’t worry. 

Most of the time, a casino employee would explain what went wrong and help you settle the issue.  If you’re happy with the result, you can consider the case closed. 

Negative Response

However, things don’t always go smoothly. There are times when the player remains dissatisfied with the solution proposed by the casino. If you aren’t content with the casino’s response, you have the right to write to a regulatory authority that granted a license to your casino.  

When writing your request, be sure to attach the screenshots of your communication with the casino operator. Keep in mind that due to bureaucracy and paperwork, receiving a response may take a while. On the brighter side, there is real hope that the regulatory body will overrule the casino’s decision and resolves the dispute in your favor. 

If, however, the regulatory authority takes the casino’s side, our advice to you is to back off. Forget the conflict, register with another casino, and start afresh. Of course, you can file a lawsuit against the casino but it will be very costly, both in terms of time and money. This measure is only worth it if you’re trying to retrieve a large sum of money (e.g, an unpaid jackpot).  

Gambling addiction: Are online casinos to blame? 

Among gamblers, there are those who are experiencing a gambling addiction, aka ludomania. Some people give the blame to online casinos. According to them, gambling addiction wouldn’t exist if not for gambling websites. 

Thinking this way is a big misconception. According to multiple research, a bigger part of users who constantly gamble online have no gambling addiction. Most users are perfectly able to close the casino site at any moment. They can control their spendings and their excitement. 

At the same time, there are some users who are prone to developing ludomania. For such people, gambling becomes the only purpose in life. They start gambling 24/7 at the sake of their job, family, friends, and hobbies.  

There always be a certain percentage of players suffering from ludomania. Gambling addicts need professional help by all means. If the problem is detected in time and the necessary measures are taken, an affected person has all chances to come back to normal life. 

When it comes to gambling addiction, it would be mistake to put the blame on casinos. The thing is every person has a different predisposition to gambling addiction. While some gamblers resist ludomania without even realizing it, others give in to temptation. It all depends on the person and has nothing to do with casinos. While casinos are interested in making you gamble more, they don’t encourage you to play non-stop or spend your last money on bets.

Nowadays, scientists are developing special tests that would help identify the risk of developing a gambling addiction. Plus, they’re looking for ways of detecting ludomania symptoms at its early stages. Scientific advances would help a lot in fighting this dangerous disorder. 

It’s a mistake to believe that banning online gambling would eliminate or even reduce the problem of gambling addiction. If countries prohibit gambling, users will switch to illegal casinos that offer low-quality games, poor or no customer support, etc. Unregulated by state authorities, illegal gambling will lead to multiple problems, while gambling addiction will be there as before. 

This leads us to a conclusion that online gambling is, so to say, the lesser evil. Like we’ve said, the majority of gamblers have no problems leaving the casino whenever they want, while 75% of those suffering from gambling addiction had developed it before they started to play on gambling sites.