Renowned Casinos With Restaurants

Top Land-Based Casinos In The World

Along with exciting games, a gоod online casino must pamper its clients with exceptional food and drinks. For a respectable land-based casino, a haute cuisine restaurant is a must.  Some casinos have amazing restaurants that gamblers can’t decide what they want to do first – to gamble or have dinner. Let’s make a quick overview of the best restaurants where gamblers can relax after a busy gambling day – or night!

Monte Carlo

The Le Train Bleu restaurant

The Le Train Bleu restaurant is located in Place du Casino square, close to a luxurious land-based casino. This venue is frequented by Formula 1 drivers, award-winning tennis players, world-known actors, singers, and other celebrities. Although not on the Michelin list, Le Train Bleu is considered among the most expensive restaurants in Europe. 


The La Terraza restaurant

The La Terraza restaurant is the favorite place of Madrid millionaires and celebrities. It’s, without doubt, the most coveted venue in Madrid. Upon leaving the restaurant, you can head directly to Casino de Madrid which is located nearby.

La Terraza stands out through its exquisite cuisine, expensive interior design, breathtaking view, and delicious food. The restaurant has 2 Michelin stars. You need to book a table several days in advance but it’s totally worth it. The average check is around 300 euro. 


The 8 restaurant

In addition to its multiple casinos, Macao is known for The 8 restaurant. The place shares the same building with the Grand Lisboa casino.

The 8 boasts as many as 3 Michelin stars. The highlight of the menu is the Asian cuisine, including a huge variety of Dim Sum dishes. The virtuoso chef will satisfy your every whim!

Las Vegas

Guy Savoy

In Las Vegas, each land-based casino has its own restaurant. If we have to name the most popular venue among gamblers, we’d say it’s Guy Savoy. The restaurant is located in the same building as the Caesar Palace casino. 

In 2019, the restaurant got its 2nd Michelin star and 5h Forbes star. Both the regulars and critics sing praises to Guy Savoy, saying that it’s nothing short of a paradise for gourmets. One of the signature dishes at Guy Savoy is foie gras. Also, the restaurant is proud of its unique collection of cognacs. 

Legendary Land-Based Casinos

Casino halls never stop causing admiration. Sometimes it seems that instead of a casino, you ended up in a royal palace or president’s residence. Casinos hire professional designers to make their interiors look stylish and expensive at the same time. Casinos tend to use costly and rare materials, such as gilding, marble, crystal, fine wood, etc. And of course, no casino lacks beautiful hand-made carpets which are so nice to walk on.



A few years ago, Macao welcomed the most expensive casino in the world. We’re referring to Marina Bay Sands, whose construction costed the incredible 5.5 bln dollars. Despite a growing competition, Marina Bay Sand is maintaining the status of the most extravagant land-based casino on the globe. The total area of its premises equals to 15 square kilometers. Impressive, right? It’s not surprising that clients keep getting lost among multiple halls, roulette tables, and endless rows of slot machines. The casino complex occupies three buildings, 55 floors each. The buildings share a huge rooftop that offers a mesmerizing view of the city. 


Russian land-based casinos are one the par with their Asian rivals. Take the Azov City, for example. This casino complex is insanely popular among gambling enthusiasts from both Russia and all over the world. The complex incorporates three casinos that welcome gamblers around-the-clock. 



The Shambala casino opened its doors in 2006 and hasn’t disappointed gamblers ever since.  The casino is widely known for its Friday night shows that attract crowds. Also, visitors are invited to participate in exciting and lucrative slot tournaments.  



Oracle is officially considered the first brick-and-mortar casino in Azov. The casino boasts a staggering collection of games, both popular and exotic ones.