Do Online Casinos Cheat?

How Do Online Casinos Cheat Players?

First things first. Law-abiding online casinos would never risk their hard-earned reputation by cheating their clients. Howeber, there is a bunch of reasons why a casino can legitimately refuse a withdrawl. We consider it our duty to warn you about some of them.   

Wagering Requirements

Many gamblers think that meeting wagering requirements is enough for cashing out their winnings. Sadly, this is not always true. The trick is that some bonuses come with withdrawal limits, i.e. you’re not allowed to cash out a sum that exceeds the specified amount. In this case, all complaints against the casino would be futile. After all, it’s the player’s responsibility to know the conditions attached to the bonus.  

Be sure to carefully read and absorb the bonus terms before signing for a bonus. Gambling sites tend to pose a number of obstacles to impede the player from releasing their money from the system. 

Geographical Limitations

Most of the time, gambling games are available for users worldwide. However, to avoid legal trouble, some casinos refuse to provide services to players from specific countries. In reality, such bans are not always effective. Attracted by generous bonuses and exciting games, gambles are using VPN to mask their geolocation and register an account with the casino of the choice.  

When the player submits a withdrawal request, the casino asks them for passport or any other document that would verify their home address. This is where the deceit is revealed. Naturally, the casino denies a withdrawal to the player, and for all the right reasons. 

Before signing up with an online casino, make sure it welcomes players from your country or region. Remember that using VPN or other smart tools is not an option because casino operators know these tricks like the back of their hand.

Delayed Withdrawals

An increasing number of gamblers are complaining that online casinos take too long to process withdrawal requests. Such delays are particularly noticeable if your previous requests had been processed almost instantly. This has nothing to do with illegal practices or cheating, though. The truth is that gambling sites need more time to verify your identity and make sure you’re not a scammer.

If for you withdrawal times are crucial, try to contact the customer support to find out if there is any way to speed up the process. 

Betting Limits

Here is another unfair practice which is quite common among gambling sites. As you already know, casino bonuses come with wagering requirements attached to them. Online casinos tend to set low betting limits to prevent the player from meeting the wagering requirements. This is done to keep the player’s winnings close to the RTP value.    

In gambling games, RTP is always under 100%, i.e. an average player loses more than they win. Due to low betting limits, the player is less likely to fulfill the wagering requirements in time and, therefore, release their winnings.   

Inaccurate Information

Both during and after registration, the online casino has the right to ask the player for all kinds of personal data, including their full name, email, phone, home address, and even credit card information. The gambling legislation obliges gambling sites to verify the player’s identity in the most rigorous way.  If you refuse to provide your personal information, chances are you’ll never be able to cash out your winnings. These are the rules you have to abide by. If, however, you doubt that the online casino has the right to ask for a specific piece of information, don’t hesitate to consult a lawyer or write to the regulatory authority.