Main Types Of Online Casinos

Types Of Online Casinos. What Are The Differences Between Casinos?

Although there is no universally accepted classification of online casinos, gambling sites still have differences that make each of them memorable. There are several criteria by which we can actually split casinos into several groups. Some of those criteria may affect your gambling experience a lot. This is why we decided to draw your attention to this important yet often overlooked issue. Read on to find out more! 

Independent Online Casinos

Independent casinos make a rather small part of gambling websites. Such casinos have unique software and original slot machine that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. It’s not uncommon that independent casinos have no licenses because they find it hard to obtain one.  

Online Casino Owned By The Same Company

You must have played with a casino that makes part of a large casino network. Instead of running just one casino, high-profile companies prefer to create an entire network embracing several gambling sites. 

Casinos may be very much alike (even identical) or very different in many regards. The company may equip its casinos with games from one or several software brands. Most of the time, such casinos have no problems with the law. 

Online Casinos Owned By The Same Software Brand

Major casino software developers provide operators with a shared platform for organizing online casinos. The operators are independent companies doing business in different countries around the globe. At the same time, all of them use the shared platform powered by the same software brand. This means that their casinos will offer identical selection of slots and other gambling games. 

You must have noticed that some casinos only differ by design and interface while having the almost identical choice of games and bonuses. 

What separates this type of casinos from the rest is multi-million progressive jackpots. As you probably already know, thousands of slots worldwide are linked into a huge network and contribute to a shared money pool known as a “progressive jackpot”.

Which Type To Choose?

Your choice depends on what you like most about casinos. If you’re after unique bonus programs and exciting selection of games, go for a casino that makes a part of a big network. Casinos running under a certain software manufacturer are also a good choice. Think about those juicy progressive jackpots!

Online Casinos: Main Differences

Online casinos have a number of things in common. For example, every gambling website has games, bonuses, jackpots, etc. But this doesn’t mean that all casinos are the same. If you take a close look, you’ll see that each casino offers a unique bonus program, promotions, slot titles, etc. Below we’ve listed the key criteria that set gaming sites apart from each other. 

Software And Gambling Platforms

The online gambling industry is dominated by a limited number of high-profile casino software providers. The names of these brands speak for themselves, and any seasoned gambler knows them by heart. 

Every now and again, the industry welcomes casinos running on their own software. Naturally, such casinos offer a one-of-a-kind collection of games. For long-time gamblers who’ve already played every title by major software brands, it’s like a gulp of fresh air.  

At the same time, there are independent casinos that are producing low-quality gaming products. While having an original theme, such games are inferior to famous gaming apps in terms of graphics, sounds, features, etc. 

Gaming Apps By Renowned Brands

Many online casinos use video slots and gaming apps created by professional casino software companies. Software providers are not too many. The biggest brands control the market. This is why gambling sites offer a standard collection of gaming apps manufactured by the all-familiar companies like NetEnt, Microgaming, and the others. 

Casinos that offer games by the same manufacturers are often very much alike, except for bonuses. 

If you’re willing to know the names of software brands your selected casino partners with, be sure to check its website.  

Live Casino

Another essential difference has to do with live games. Despite a noteworthy rise in its popularity, not all gambling sites support this innovative format. For some gamblers, the availability of live games is of crucial importance affecting their choice of a casino. 


License is another significant criterion on our list. Whether or not a casino has a license definitely shapes your gambling experience. If a casino operates without a license or any seal of approval, you must keep your distance. There is no reason whatsoever for trusting such a site. At the same time, a licensed casino abides by the gambling legislation and guidelines, follows the principles of fair play, and treats it clients with respect.